From Saint Levant To Victoria Monét: All Coachella Moments When Gaza Was At Forefront

Being one of the world’s biggest music festivals, a major spotlight is currently beaming at Coachella as music lovers around the world set their gaze at one of most anticipated events of the year. Every year, significant moments take place on its stage and this year is no exception. During its first 3 days, Gaza was placed on the forefront through exceptional moments by the music world’s biggest artists.

Saint Levant Dedicates Debut Set To Gaza

Having spent several years in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian-French Algerian artist and heartthrob Saint Levant’s childhood is intertwined with connected to Gazan soil. That connection was severed when he was forced to relocate to Amman. Yet, being Palestinian goes deeper than the soil on its land.

On the Coachella stage, he raised a bridge between him and his homeland through a string of words dedicated to his nation. He told the audience about his lineage, he told the audience about the Gaza genocide ongoing for 6 months and then he did what he does best and sang for Gaza.

An empowering ballad with messages like “we Palestinians only know resilience and we will return and we will rebuild” was sung out and in the beat of his anthem, Palestinian flags and keffiyahs were raised and the words “Free Palestine” echoed through.

Tyler, The Creator Wears Palestine Pin

Hurling himself out of an exploding caravan, Tyler, the Creator knew how to make an entrance during his Coachella set. The alternative rap musician knew how to get all eyes on him but it wasn’t just through his unique entrance.

Standing tall in his baby blue button up shirt, all eyes were immediately cast onto two pins resting on his chest. A pin that bore the Palestine flag and another pin dedicated to Congo, two countries facing humanitarian disasters. It was a bold move and in response, the world praised the artist for his support and act of solidarity.

Victoria Monét Makes A Bold Statement

Making waves this year, Victoria Monét won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Continuing to make noise and make heads turn, she took over the Coachella stage and took the mic to speak up for Palestine.

She injected politics into her bold statement, “stop the wars, stop the hate, stop the genocides, stop motherf–ing hating.” Being one of the founders of the Artists 4 Ceasefire collective, it made sense having her speak up.

Whether it’s the Oscars, Grammys or Coachella, every global event is turning into an opportunity to communicate a need for the end of the tragic and ongoing 6 month genocide that only seems to persist despite calls for ceasefire.

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