Five Times A Dish Was As Iconic As The Egyptian Film Itself

With many films and shows, many moments can stand out, whether it’s an iconic outfit, an unforgettable dance routine, or a shocking fight scene. Then, there are those heart-wrenching scenes between a couple suffering from forbidden love.

We want to do things a bit differently, though, by celebrating shocking food scenes packed with a level of hilarity that has made the dishes starring in the scene as iconic as the film itself.

Drugged Shakshouka – Fadel and Neama

Can you imagine that a mere dish of shakshouka sent two parents, Fadel and Neama, into a hilarious drug-selling spiral? When the two entered a cooking competition, Naema accidentally used salt that was, in fact, powdered drugs costing three million Egyptian pounds.

As punishment, the owners of said drugs sprung the couple into a drug-selling spree to make up for the money lost that saw the two making complete fools of themselves. And all of that was merely from a simple plate of shakshouka.

Egyptian Fava Beans – Fool El Seen El Azeem 

The title speaks for itself, as we all know that foul (Egyptian fave beans) takes center stage in this hilarious film starring Mohamed Henedy. To flee a bunch of mobsters, he travels all the way to China, taking on the cover of a chef taking part in a cooking competition.

Let’s just say he gets in a slew of even more trouble while in China, but along the way, he learns a lot. Egypt’s fave beans become his star dish at the end of the show, reminding him that nothing can beat the taste of home.

A Spiky Negresco – Ah Men Hawaa

Cooking a meal for your husband and in-laws is sort of a big deal, and that’s how it felt for Amira (Lobna Abdel Aziz) when she became the wife of Doctor Hassan (Rushdy Abaza). Thing is, they were in for a surprise as Amira served up an unexpected twist to every dish including a pen hidden inside Hassan’s kofta.

The biggest surprise was what we’d like to call her spiky negresco, which, to her understanding, is made with chicken with spikes of uncooked spaghetti jutting out. She gets some points for creativity?

Mesaka’a With A Pinch Of Burnt Paper- Saghira ala El-Hob

We already spoke about the culinary disaster that is Amira’s cooking in “Ah Men Hawaa” but that isn’t the only example of a failed cooking attempt between two lovers.

You’d think that a couple engaged for more than two years would already click, yet when it comes to Samiha (Soad Hosny) and Salah (Nour El-Demerdash), they couldn’t be more awkward.

Now, nothing can get more romantic than a home-cooked meal for your partner. The thing is, everything goes haywire when Salah makes Mesaka’a for Samiha. He may have accidentally added bits and pieces of burnt paper, paper that used to be inside his recipe book. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

A Ransom of Kebab – Terrorism and Kebab

When you break into a building and place everyone under hostage, you’ll have a set of demands ready. Well, a similar situation happened in the classic political film “Terrorism and Kebab” when Ahmad (Adel Imam) hijacked a governmental building because of the negligence he noticed on the part of the officials, and yes, he had his list of demands.

Again, the title of the film says it all, as one of Ahmad’s requests is kebab. Plates and plates of juicy kebab were sent to the building to a very happy Ahmad and his group of comrades.

Shocking, hilarious, and unexpected, many of these dishes knew how to stand out, some even more than the film itself. Tell us, what other dishes stood out for you in Egyptian films?

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