What To Eat In El Gouna: Eid Edition

During the Eid break, a lot of us take it as an opportunity to travel and hit up local hot spots like Siwa or Ras Sudr. If you’re planning on hitting up El Gouna this Eid, we can help you make the most of the trip. If you’re a foodie, we have some delicious eateries we recommend you try out:

Chicha Latin Kitchen

Lovers of Latin cuisine will appreciate Chicha Latin Kitchen, an authentic spot that serves up delicious tacos. Their Chicha’s taco trays are a go-to dish and beyond that, their tacos in general are quite special.

You can try out their Taco De Pato, which offers a true explosion of flavor, as it’s filled with fresh duck confit and crisp lettuce, with a drizzling of sticky sweet soy.

Along with the food, you’ll feel as though you’re in the heart of Mexico, with its brick-colored walls and cacti—it’s a full experience.

Zia Amelia

This is an Italian eatery with a story, as back in 2012, its founders, Riccardo and Patrizia, opened its doors to the masses in El Gouna. Two Italians with a big dream. Today, it’s one of the most popular Italian eateries in El Gouna.

It excels at homemade, making typical Italian bread and fresh homemade pasta with love in its kitchen labs. Its Neapolitan pizza is also a standout favorite among the crowd.

The Bagel Tree

Nothing beats freshly baked bread in the morning with a warm cup of tea or coffee. To make your mornings special at El Gouna, you should hit up The Bagel Tree, an eatery that specializes in bagels, donuts, and many other baked goods.

When it comes to their bagels, they have a massive menu themed by world cities that includes Brussels (turkey or ham with sliced gouda cheese, egg and red onion garnish) and Helsinki (Atlantic smoked salmon and cream cheese). If you’re a bagel lover, it’s the place to go.

Bongoyo Restobar

You can get a taste of the world at El Gouna as the resort town truly has the ultimate mix of international cuisines. Bringing a taste of authentic African cuisine to El Gouna is Bongoyo Restobar, which offers dishes from all over Africa.

They’ve got everything, from Nigeria fusion chicken spiced with authentic Somali Xawaash spice to gold-flaked South African Lamb Chops.

Athena Greek Taverna

If you’re craving Mykonos and Santorini vibes, the authentic Greek restaurant Athena Greek Taverna serves up all the classics, from feta salad and Greek moussaka to their delicious mixed grill plate. They even have a table grill for you to cook the beef and chicken to your liking.

From Italy to Greece to Mexico, El Gouna offers the ultimate international dining experience. Along with your much-needed vacation, you’ll get to dine in world-class restaurants, whether in its bustling downtown or marina.

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