Uncover Exceptional Suhoor Spots for an Epic Farewell to Ramadan

We are days away from the end of Ramadan, with Eid just around the corner, which means there’s no better time than now to make the most of the final days. We are talking about indulging in a festive suhoor, and these are the spots you need to hit up:

Dubai’s Nara Desert Escape

Picture a gorgeous table set amidst an endless lapping desert. That’s the kind of suhoor experience you’ll have at Dubai’s Nara Desert Escape. This enchaining private desert camp has been transformed into an Arabian spice market.

Their suhoor is unlike any other. You’ll get to enjoy regional clay pot specialties like fish saydieh, tasty tajines, and curries. They even have live cooking stations that feature slow-cooked roast lamb, manakeesh, kebab, and much more. They’re open daily from 9 p.m. to midnight, and the suhoor costs AED 590 per person.

To reserve a spot, call them on 050 336 7909.

Cairo’s Ormet Fahmy

If you’re craving an interactive and fun experience during suhoor, look no further than Sheraton’s Ormet Fahmy. This eatery will deck out an entire table with a disposable cover, and then you’ll have waiters coming in with massive trays filled with food, which they’ll pour all over the table.

We’re talking mountains of fried eggplant and fries that you can season to your liking and make into a sandwich with their in-house fresh baladi bread. They also have a foul cart ready to serve it fresh and hot as well as ready-made feteer meshaltit.

Riyadh’s Tokyo

Hear us out. Japanese food isn’t the typical go-to option for suhoor, but it can make for a unique dining experience. Riyadh has an old-school Japanese spot called Tokyo, which is popular for sushi and sashimi.

They have their very own suhoor, where they serve dishes like lamb chops, popcorn shrimp, and, for the perfect end of the day, a sweet saffron date cake.

To reserve a spot, you can give them a call at +966 9200 09662.

Doha’s Layali Katara

If you want a feast, you’ll get it at Doha’s Layali Katara. Exuding luxury, this Ramadan tent, set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of the Arabian Gulf and the Doha skyline, serves up an opulent buffet that mixes Arab and Western cuisine.

To book a spot, you can call them on 4144 7777.

These suhoor spots serve up something different, whether it’s the food, ambiance, or the experience itself. Make the most of the last days by hitting up any of these spots.

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