From Cairo to Gaza: AUC Students Rally for Palestinian Liberation

In the wake of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, students at the American University in Cairo (AUC) are intensifying their calls for the university administration to sever connections with multinational corporations such as AXA and HP, citing their alleged ties to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

This protest marks the latest in a series of organized actions on campus since the start of the Gaza war, reflecting the students’ deep-rooted commitment to standing in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

The war on Gaza, which started on October 7, 2023, is regarded as one of the most intense since the occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel in 1967. The toll of the war has been devastating, with thousands of casualties and a staggering number of deaths.

Driven by a sense of moral obligation, AUC students have long been vocal advocates for the Palestinian cause, advocating for the boycott of companies and products that support the Israeli occupation.

They argue that funds from these corporations contribute to sustaining Israel’s actions, perpetuating aggression against the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza.

The recent protest, held on April 18, 2024, featured a powerful display of cultural solidarity with Palestine, including a performance of the traditional Palestinian Dabke dance.

Then, yesterday, students also raised questions and held talks in the Greek Campus theatre about the destination of their financial contributions, demanding transparency from the university administration regarding its partnerships with companies implicated in supporting the occupation.

Social media channels buzzed with messages of support for the students’ cause, with accounts highlighting the students’ concerns and the university’s alleged lack of transparency regarding its contractual agreements.

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