Sun, Sea, and Style: Arab Beach Essentials You Can’t Miss This Summer

Summer is literally around the corner. Beach season will be in full swing. To make the most of the upcoming sunny days, these are the ultimate beach essentials you need to get your hands on to get you ready for the summer season:

Tagoo’s Unique Towels

If you are someone who appreciate good art, then you’ll want Tagoo, the Saudi Arabian hand painted beach goods brand that brings a touch of artistry to all their products. Beyond their gorgeous hand painted sun hats with illustrations like flowers and colorful toucans, their standout product are their towels.

From a cool lady in a bikini sipping on her drink to creative prints like “Good Times & Tan Lines”, their towels come in all colors and designs. To check out what they have on offer, head to their official Instagram page.

Bassma Boussel’s Sun Screen

Known for a lot of things, whether it’s starring in the 6th season of Star Academy or working as a fashion designer, Moroccan Bassma Boussel also has a knack for entrepreneurship as well. Her special cosmetic line known as Bassma Boussel Cosmetics is all about facial and body pampering with products like face and body scrubs, face mud and lip scrubs.

Along with that, the brand also has its very own sunscreen known as Ecran Solaire that’s SPF 50+, so it will give you that needed layer of protection from the sun. You can get your hands on one by sending a WhatsApp message to this number: 0661111383

Eva’s Hair Sun Protection

At the beach, sun protection is not just for your skin; you also need to protect your hair from sun damage, and that’s where Eva’s Sun & Sea Hair Sun SPF 15 Protection Spray comes in handy.

Eva Cosmetics, Egypt’s leading cosmetics care manufacturer has a lot of products on offer for the summer season beyond the hair spray. You can get a full idea of their product line by browsing through their website.

Karen Wazen’s Sunglasses

Who doesn’t like feeling cool during the summer, and what better way to do so than with some slick shades? The Lebanese-British fashion entrepreneur Karen Wazen knew how to turn up the cool factor. With her very own eyewear collection, you’ll be strutting the beach in style.

To check out her full collection including the uber cool “Hide & Seek” collection, you can head to the By Karen Wazen official Instagram page to learn more.

Sarah’s Bag Caba

With all these summer essentials, you’ll need a stylish bag to carry all your belongings during your beach trip. For that, you’ll need the stylish mind of a creative designer. Meet Sarah Beydoun, the Lebanese fashion designer who created Sarah’s Bag, a brand of hand-crafted statement pieces made by underprivileged women, whether ex-cons or women at risk.

Each bag is unique, fun, and playful, made with the brand’s signature hand beading and embroidery. Many are also perfect for the beach. We recommend her travel bag, they’re big and stylish, a great addition to your next beach trip. Check out their website for more info.

Cubs’ Tote Cooler Bags

Funky, colorful, and loud, Cubs is an Egyptian brand all about stylish bags and footwear. Being at the beach, beyond having a bag filled with all your essentials, you’ll also want the cooler to keep your drinks icy and cold.

Cubs decided to get a little creative and create their very own 2-in-1 Tote Cooler Bag that combines the functionality of a tote bag with the cooling abilities of a cooler compartment.

We believe these are the basic essentials that will have you beach-ready for any of your upcoming trips. Let us know if we missed anything.

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