Top Crystal Clear Middle East Beaches For Your Ultimate Summer Escape

We’re all in the Ramadan mood right now, with fasting, Taraweeh prayers, and general spiritual energy. At the same time, a lot of us are envisioning a relaxing vacation.

That’s why we want to make use of this time to pre-plan for the summer, and what better way than to show you all the best crystal clear beaches of the region that deserve a visit?

Almaza Bay (Egypt)

No one can deny that Egypt’s Marsa Matrouh is home to one of the best beaches in the world. Being such a hotspot, any resort near it also boasts picturesque beaches. We’d like to introduce you to Almaza Bay, where crystal clear, calm waters dominate the scene.

Boasting an exclusive coastal town appeal, Almaza Bay is home to quintessential summer residences and mixed-use areas. Beyond that, the bay is home to picturesque green spaces and artificial lakes, giving guests the ultimate experience of calm and luxury.

Farasan Al Kabir Beach (Saudi Arabia)

Did you know that Saudi Arabia is home to a large archipelago of more than 170 islands? These lush islands, surrounded by turquoise waters, have one particular beach that stands out. Known as Farasan Al Kabir beach, beyond it being home to endless flora and fauna, it also boasts resplendent crystal clear waters.

As a prime time diving site, it also gives you the opportunity to explore the underwater life at Farasan along with relaxing at the gorgeous beach.

Tyre Beach (Lebanon)

Described as the “Mediterranean’s best-kept secret” by Near Far Magazine, Lebanon’s Tyre Beach has a lot to offer. This stretch of fine white sand and crystal clear sea wasn’t only once a Phoenician city but is also a summer hotspot, thanks to its beach bars like Cloud 59 and plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas.

This beach is just a stone’s throw away from the city of Tyre itself, making it a great gateway to the city that you can explore with friends or family. With its history dating back almost 4000 years, you get to experience one of the oldest cities in the world.

Umluj Beach (Saudi Arabia)

Known to be home to many hot springs, this beach Northwest of Tabuk is known among locals as the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia.’ It boasts a serene coastline of crystal clear turquoise waters and white sands.

It’s a literal tropical beach paradise where you can swim, sunbathe, bird watch, and take on exciting water sports. You can even embark on boat trips to other islands near the beach, like Jabal Hassan Ras. Today, the popularity of the island is increasing, so we recommend planning your trip soon.

Salalah Beaches (Oman)

When we think of Oman, our mind immediately drifts to dry, arid deserts, but that’s a misconception because there’s one particular spot home to luscious greenery and crystal waters. The Salalah Beaches are heaven on Earth, as they’re usually quiet and empty, making them perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Around the beach are also massive mountains and caves. Its unique landscape makes it a great spot for wildlife camping, where you can pitch your tent and gaze at the stars once the sun sets.

Al Mamzer Beach (UAE)

For the ultimate all-inclusive beach experience, Dubai’s Al Mamzer Beach has it all. Stretched over 106 hectares and home to five pristine beaches, what makes this beach special is how it’s a dynamic space.

Even before reaching its soft white sand, you’ll find manicured lawns with winding foot and bike paths surrounded by palm trees.

At this beach hotspot, you can swim, sunbathe, take a stroll, ride a bike, have a picnic on the lawn, or grab a bite at any of the surrounding food kiosks or the popular FiLLi Cafe. For the icing on the cake experience, you can also book a stay at any of their chalets.

With so many beaches to pick from, you have plenty of travel destinations for the upcoming summer that’ll give you the ultimate vacation experience.

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