When Ice Meets Artistry: Cirque Du Soleil’s Exhilarating ‘Crystal’ Is Arriving In The UAE

From a stage flooding with water and draining in a matter of seconds as artists perform mind-blowing aqua and aerial feats to a massive spider contorting her web, these are the kinds of spectacles performed on the UAE stage.

Joining the ride is a jaw-dropping show, the first of its kind in the UAE: Meet Cirque Du Soleil’s Crystal, which will be making its UAE debut at Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Arena.

Starting on April 26th and wrapping up on May 5th, guests will get to attend a mesmerizing show that blends the art of ice skating with unique acrobatics. Audiences will get to watch the main protagonist, Crystal, a young girl who feels misunderstood and undertakes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Visual effects and multimedia will be used to vividly paint a world on the ice, taking the show to unprecedented creative heights. The visual action will dynamically move around the skaters and acrobats as they perform their show.

Weaving seamlessly into the performance is a musical backdrop of original scores and popular hits that include Sia’s Chandelier as well as Nine Simone’s Sinner Man.

Along with these exciting aspects of the show, there will be some highlight moments you can look forward to including a high-energy Hockey act, Hand to Trapeze acts, as well as the precision-driven chair act.

Now, we are giving you a major heads-up: Tickets are selling out fast. If you’re one of the eager fans wanting to witness this spectacular feat at the Etihad Arena, head to the Cirque du Soleil official website to get your tickets.

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