Dubai Fashion Week Unveils Early Kickoff: Global Designers, Surprise Guests Await

Shining a celebratory light on the region’s creativity and fashion excellence is the upcoming third edition of Dubai Fashion Week, known to place the work of Dubai-based designers on the map.

Last year was a smashing success with major showcases from Carolina Herrera, Rizman Ruzaini, and a closing catwalk appearance by Naomi Campbell. Knowing how this is one of the biggest fashion events in the region, let’s take a look at everything we’re looking forward to in the long-awaited fashion week:

When It’s Happening

Across the international fashion calendar, Dubai Design Week is going to be coming up first, even before New York, Milan, and London to showcase its Autumn/Winter edition that will kick off on February 4.

Senior Vice President of Dubai Design District, Khadija Al Bastaki, gave a sneak peek explanation behind the early dates, “We are moving our Autumn/Winter dates forward to be among the early birds in the global fashion calendar, ensuring our designers can attract and engage potential buyers and investors earlier in the fiscal year.”

Khadija Al Bastaki Via Dubai Fashion Week

Its Bright Announcement

Such a big event deserved an even bigger announcement, which is why Dubai Fashion Week caught the attention of the world by unveiling its event and schedule through one of the many massive bright billboards that dot the most popular streets in NYC, Times Square.

20 Global Designers

During the first-ever edition of Dubai Fashion Week that took place in March 2023, the world got to witness the work of many Dubai-based designers, including Dima Ayad, Bouguessa, Amato, Mrs. Keepa, and The Giving Movement.

This year will be no exception, as more than 20 regional and global designers are presenting their work during the 3rd edition of the event. Their names haven’t yet been announced, so keep an eye out on the Dubai Fashion Week website to get the latest updates.

Dubai-based Dima Ayad, Via Forbes

A Surprise New-York Based Designer

Surprises are always fun during Fashion Weeks, and last year’s edition of the region’s biggest fashion event was no exception. Attendees were graced with the surprise appearance of one of the major elite supermodels, Naomi Campbell, who strutted the runway during Rizman Ruzaini’s show.

This year, Dubai Fashion Week promises yet another surprise as they mentioned that a surprise New York-based designer will be joining the event.

What Else To Expect

Anyone attending the highly coveted fashion week will get to take part in exclusive events, curated showrooms, capsule launches, brand activations, networking opportunities, and insightful panel discussions.

Fashion aficionados and investors, mark your calendars for early February as Dubai Fashion Week will be showcasing an evolution in fashion through the work of regional and global designers.

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