Viral Visual: This Time Lapse Video of the UAE Will Leave You Breathless

Memoirs in a time lapse
Screen shot from Beno Saradzic’s Beyond

Shot over two years by one of our favorite Emirates-based photographers, Beno Saradzic, this stunning video features hundreds of thousands of still photos and a three-movement score composed especially for the project by award-winning musician Vladimir Persan.

Put it on full screen, turn up the volume and lose yourself for a few minutes of jaw-dropping visuals. The full moon scene and fog landscapes starting at around 5:00 are not to be missed, but watch it all to appreciate the entire story arc.

Beyond falls heavily on the utopian side of representing the UAE and is a celebration of the country’s industrial triumph:

“It is a tall tale of inspiration, courage, determination, tenacity and perseverance through adversity. Shot at locations throughout Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ‘Beyond’s implicit story is about much more than the success of the UAE. What is unfolding in the UAE is a shining, symbolic example of the towering achievements of mankind as a whole,” wrote Saradzic on Vimeo.


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