Viral Visual: Pilot From Mohamed Ramadan Video Speaks Out After Getting Suspended

Last October, Egyptian actor and singer, Mohamed Ramadan, released a video that went viral on social media but had its unfortunate consequences. The video shows him on a private plane, entering the pilots’ cockpit and supposedly flying the plane, with someone in the background swearing that he’s the one “driving it”.

The case received the attention of the media and public alike, and everyone was talking about it when it happened. The pilot received a suspension for life, and the co-pilot received a one-year-suspension. Months later, when the topic has been long forgotten, or so we thought, the pilot has been unable to move on after losing his career, and decided he had to speak out.

تصريحات أشرف أبو اليسر الطيار الموقوف بسبب محمد رمضان عن وضعه الحالي

Posted by Dubsmash Egypt on Saturday, February 8, 2020

Pilot Ashraf Abo El Yosr talked about the whole situation and how the act of the Egyptian superstar ended his career. He spoke of how private airplanes always host very important people like presidents and superstars on board, and that they sometimes ask for souvenir pictures inside the cockpit.

He said that Ramadan asked him for the picture to show to his son, and didn’t mention that it’ll go online for millions to see. And when Ashraf told Ramadan that his actions will harm him, he promised that nothing will happen because of ‘his connections’.

Ashraf also mentioned that a voice was added to the video, of someone saying that Ramadan is “driving” the plane, and that this is not the correct term that pilots use.

The pilot’s video received thousands of shares and comments, where a lot of people argued that he should at least get a less severe punishment as he has a very esteemed career and that he deserves a more gracious ending to his many years of service.


‫محمد رمضان يعتذر للطيار "أنا عايز أعرف ايه اللي يعوضه…" التفاصيل ⬅️⬅️ ⁦‪‬⁩‬‫🎥شاهد | MBC مصر ‬

Posted by ‎ET بالعربي‎ on Sunday, February 9, 2020

After the video of the pilot went extremely viral on all media platforms, the Egyptian Superstar called Amr Adib on his popular TV Show Hekayetna. He said that he won’t abandon the pilot, and he’s ready to help him in any way possible.

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