Saudi Arabia Announces GCC Residents May Apply For A Travel Visa Regardless Of Their Profession

GCC residents of any and all occupations can now get a travel visa to enter the Kingdom as part of a new change to Saudi Arabia’s visa regulations. The Kingdom’s minister of tourism, Ahmed El Khateeb shared a tweet announcing that there is no longer a restriction on the applicant’s type of occupation when it comes to applying to a visa, making the entire process much simpler than before.

Last year, GCC residents of certain occupations were allowed to enter the Kingdom and the entire list was released on the official website of Visit Saudi. Some of the occupations in the list included everything from doctors to barbers to drivers. Now with the new visa regulations, this restriction no longer applies.

With the travel visa, GCC residents can visit friends and family, perform a Umrah, visit touristic destinations but they cannot perform hajj or use the visa to study in the Kingdom. The cost of the tourist visa is 300 Saudi riyals and applicants can apply through

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