The Internet Lost It (in the Best Way Possible) over Pepsi’s New Ramadan Campaign

Ever since 2013, Pepsi Egypt has been highlighting the importance of gatherings with loved ones. When they first launched their ‘Yalla Nekamel Lametna’ (let us complete our gatherings) campaign, they pleasantly surprised us by bringing back our 90’s characters: from the 90’s Nelly, to Fatoota, to Bougy w Tamtam, and many many more.


Ever since then, Pepsi Egypt has been maintaining this tradition. Indeed, we’ve seen the ‘Yalla Nekamel Lametna’ slogan pop up in their 2014 ad. In that same ad we saw our favorite celebrities: Youssra, Ezzat Abo Ouf and Hisham Selim joined by their families.


In 2015, Pepsi Egypt managed to steal our hearts – yet again – with an ad containing heartwarming scenes from black and white movies, and a master scene that featured Haitham Zaki, alongside his late father Ahmed Zaki.



This year Pepsi Egypt, decided to literally bring people together, via their their online ad; an ad that can only be viewed on three mobile screens.


The Internet absolutely loved their latest campaign and has responded hilariously to it. Influencer Mohamed Moula published a video that went viral, where he explained how he’s unable to watch the ad because he’s lonely.



The infamous Hisham Afifi, too, did not hold back, when it came to expressing his thoughts regarding the ad, in his “strategic analysis” video that received almost half a million views.



In the video below, Amr Rady hilariously discusses all the possible obstacles one could face, just to watch Pepsi Egypt’s latest ad: from not having enough friends, to not having a stable date/internet connection, to not having a third phone on which to display the ad, Rady and his friends made us cry with laughter.



Even other brands have used Pepsi’s ad to promote for their own products. Samsung, for example, posted the picture below on their Facebook page, urging people to buy their Galaxy S8 and S8+ in order to watch the ad.





WE SAID THIS: What made this campaign special is that it succeeded in generating a buzz and extended a conversation with the consumers.