Setting the Scene: Unforgettable Ramadan TV Show Sets That Defined the Story

In any TV show, it’s not just the actors and the plot that make up the story. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice how every brick, every abandoned street, and every hallway is a bead in the endless string of the story.

The setting is a character in and of itself, and that’s why we’re looking back at our favorite sets that played a major role in bringing these special Ramadan shows to life.

The Medieval World Of El Hashasheen

People, there’s reason for celebration, as we’ve mastered the art of world-building to an unprecedented level—we’re talking Game of Thrones level. Meet the set of El Hashasheen, a world ruled by mysterious assassins who, through the power of a drug, make people perform unfathomable acts.

There’s reason to be impressed, as the entire set was built in three years. It’s an entire city that was built from scratch at Fayoum. Seeing it now, the level of intricacy and detail is astounding, knowing that these aren’t real forts and castles but rather a wooden set transformed into a completely new world.

Sherif’s House In Al Harsha Al Sabaa

Beyond tackling the real-life intricacies of a seven-year marriage, this show introduces us to a living masterpiece: Sherif’s (Aly Kassem) humble abode. It was brought to life by scenographer Ali Hossam Ali, who also created the dynamic and fun set for the first Arab musical, Sokar.

Spacious and modern, the house gives you the feeling that you’re inside the literal mind of an architect. There isn’t one part of this house that’s not impressive, whether it’s the mono-stringer wooden staircase or the octagonal metal sofa tables.

The best part of the house is that it’s a true embodiment of Sherif’s character, as he himself is independent, artistic, and has a unique outlook on the world.

The City of Damietta in Taht El Wesaya

Solitary boats with paint chipping off, the low and deep humming sound of approaching ships, and barely visible docks during the wee hours of the night—that’s the world Mona Zaki was sprung into when she starred as a widowed mother battling for custody of her children in ‘Taht El Wesaya.’

The entire show felt like a never-ending hazy dream set along the backdrop of the city of Damietta. It was probably the first time the port city became a character in and of itself in an Egyptian TV show.

The Post-Apocalyptic World In El Nehaya

We can’t have an article about the top Ramadan TV show sets without diving into the world of sci-fi. When 2020 came around and COVID-19 took over our lives, we felt we were starring in our own sci-fi flick. Thankfully, ‘El Nehaya’ was a more refreshing escape from reality.

Picture this: the year is 2120, there’s no education, and the world is ruled by a single corporation that has monopolized every industry (EnergyCo). Cue the Star Wars-esque white uniforms, steel walls, and massive screens. It’s a bland and colorless world that was expertly brought to life by director Yasser Samy.

There’s true power in a TV show when a set becomes a character and drives the story as well as the emotions of the viewers. All these sets paint a complete picture of the story, and we’re here for it!

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