Four Middle Eastern Destinations Added to Tolt’s “Don’t Go to” Videos

Via Dont Go To

A few months ago, I was planning to travel to Georgia with my friends and since I’m a travel junkie, I spend a fair amount of time checking out vlogs on why I should and shouldn’t travel to a certain destination, and what should I do there. Then, I came across Tolt’s video “Don’t go to Georgia”, and I was intrigued to see why I shouldn’t. Tolt is a French Film director who creates videoes that help people discover and know more about different destinations.

However, turns out, the concept of the video is the exact opposite; showing exactly why you should travel. The content was neat, visually appealing, and beneficial, thus I began following the entire series. I found four other videoes that highlighted Middle Eastern Destinations and I thought you’d like to check out.





WE SAID THIS: Sorry guys, but we’re definitely going.

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