Kanye West Set To Build A City In The Middle East That Tops Paris, But Is It Just Hype?

Shocking the world through and through is American rapper Kanye West who was at the center of some of the biggest scandals of 2023 including how he claimed that “black people are Indian.” Bringing yet another wave of shock to the world is his latest project. Allegedly, West plans to build a city larger than Paris in the Middle East.

Via X

An X account under the name of @unreleased_ye shared a post on the rapper’s latest business venture supposedly dubbed DROAM. In the post, West shares how the self-sustaining city is currently in its first phase of development and is planned to take up 100,000-acres. He is also actively seeking collaborators, calling project managers, engineers, architects, and the like to join his project.

This is not the first time that West had massive aspirations to build a city as back in 2020, he had plans to build his own city in Wyoming but the state didn’t give him the go-ahead. Along with that, the rapper is known to have a slew of other unfinished projects and neglected properties. He teased fans that he would be releasing an album with Ty Dolla $ign which ended up getting postponed.

Now he promises to create a massive city in the Middle East and that did not come without raised eyebrows and questions from his fan base. @FemboyNya said they’ll believe it ‘when they see Akon city’, as Akon also made similar claims of building his own community in Senegal. Others joked that he would also create his own religion in the city.

One wonders if this project does come to fruition, will it beat the already futuristic and ultra-innovative city known as NEOM in the Middle East? Only time will tell especially knowing how many of West’s projects do not see the light.

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