Under Fire: Is Kanye West’s New Song “Vultures” Antisemitic?

Sparking outrage, Kanye West was spotted in a party in Dubai with Chris Brown singing his new song with shocking lyrics like “I’m anti-Semitic. I just fun**d a Jewish b*tch.” Since the release of the controversial song known as ‘Vultures’, a firestorm of criticism was sparked because of its anti-Semitic lyrics.

Via X

This is not the first time that West spills anti-semitic remarks as last year, he shared comments like ‘likes Adolf Hitler’ and has an admiration for Nazis. He even got kicked out of X (formerly Twitter) for sharing a picture of a swastika inside the Star of David.

All of his blatant anti-semitism had major consequences on his career as he was dropped from his agency CAA. Following a one-year partnership, the rapper also lost ties with Adidas.

Now, a year on from that time, West continues to spark backlash and cause controversy through the release of ‘Vultures’ The online community labeled the incident as “beyond sickening” as well as “trash” and “disgusting.”

This type of incident thrust the artist into the spotlight not for his musical artistry but because of his questionable choices and the resulting impact on his public image.

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