Egypt’s El Evil & U.S’ Redveil Use Their Music To Display Names Of Martyred Palestinians

Egyptian rapper ‘Evil’ Islam Magdy released another track yesterday about Palestine, deeply inspired by the ongoing atrocities in Gaza, and it is becoming a trend on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok are shadowbanning it. It is not his first attempt to write a song about the events, before ‘Heyna’s Season‘ came Kafek Ya Khala, and Allah 7ay preceded it.

However, he wasn’t the only one to showcase his solidarity for Palestine as the American rapper Redveil displayed the names of Palestinian martyrs by the end of his Camp Flog Gnaw concert, calling for an immediate ceasefire and denouncing violence in Gaza.

“Behind me is a list of names of Palestinians that’s been killed in Gaza since October 7,” he says, an instrumental playing behind him. “Nobody on this list made it to the age of four.” He then urged the audience to call their reps and demand a ceasefire. “It’s not complicated — don’t nobody tell you that.”

This is not the first time that rap proved itself to be expressive of people’s conflict. Earlier this month, a group of 25 Arab singers from 10 Middle Eastern countries, collaborated to make one ‘Operetta’ song to show solidarity with Palestine naming it ‘Rajieen‘ or ‘We are Coming Back’.

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