A Round Up Of Arab Artists Releasing Music In Solidarity With Gaza

In a lot of ways, artists are not merely performers, many are also considered political beings, using their voices and platforms to speak up about the heartbreaking and tragic events of our daily lives. Since October 7, Gaza has been plagued into a genocide, killing more than 10,000 people. With that came an influx of support of people from all walks of life, using their platforms to speak up. Singers and performers also took a stand, with many belting out songs dedicated to Palestine. We’ve picked out the ones we believe truly stood out.

Hurriyya (Freedom) – Nur Jaber

Broken and devastated by the ongoing violence in Gaza, Lebanese artist Nur Jaber sings a haunting and ethereal song called “Hurriyya”, pleading for one simple human right: freedom. Known for upbeat techno house singles, this song explores unchartered waters for the artist as it is a very gentle track filled with pain and despair. Using only a few lyrics, Jaber’s single stirs our hearts through its chilling and harrowing melody.

Ard Gaza (The Land Of Gaza)- Mohamed Adwya

Poignant and full of heart, Adwya belts out a powerful anthem where he sings out to the Palestinians in Gaza. “The Land of Gaza” acts as a mouthpiece or open letter to the Gazan community, expressing the frustration felt for every drop of blood shed and the lack of voices speaking up. Adwya also speaks about the beauty of Gaza, how it is a pure land, home to Al Aqsa mosque. In a desperate call, Adwya ends his song by pleading viewers to help Palestine and end the violence.

Ya Dameer El Alam – Alia Sobhy

Placing a lens on the atrocities and violence occurring in Gaza, Egyptian singer Alia Sobhy takes the mic to belt out a song about all the crimes Israeli forces committed against the Palestinian people. From destroying churches and mosques to restricting access to water and medication, Sobhy does not leave any stone unturned when singing about the Palestinian cause.

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El Hawya Araby (Arab Identity) – Hany Shaker

Placing the Arab identity at the forefront, Shaker celebrates the people of Gaza and their Palestinian heritage through his song “El Hawya Araby.” He weaves his way across the country, singing out the names of each city, from Gaza, Jerusalem and Hebron to Ramallah and Nablus. As with Adwya, Shaker lends his heart to the Palestinian people with lyrics like “I left my heart with you, in your streets and cities.” Along with that, he plants seeds of hope with lyrics like “the nightmare will be over.”

Rageen (We Are Coming Back)- Multiple Artists

Making huge waves all over social media was the song that saw 25 Arab artists come together to sing a song in support of the Palestinian cause. Everyone from the likes of Egyptian singer Amir Eid, rapper Marwan Pablo and indie performer Dina El Wedidi took part in the powerful anthem. The song has one main important message of “Rageen” meaning the Palestinian people will be back and will get back their land. Beyond its empowering message, all of the songs proceeds will be donated directly to Gaza.

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Mawteny (My Homeland)- Hend Abdel Halim & Mohamed Gamal

My Homeland is a song that lives and breathes the Palestinian identity as it’s written by someone who fought for his Palestinian soil. Legendary Palestinian poet Ibrahim Toukan is the wordsmith behind this song. His work is known to have rallied Arabs during their revolt of the British Mandate. Today his ode to Palestine, known as “My Homeland” gets to shine and be heard by millions through the vocal chops of Hend Abdel Halim and Mohamed Gamal.

Ya Falastini (My Palestine)- Muad

British-Yemeni singer Muad collaborates with Firas, interweaving English and Arabic lyrics throughout the song. Packed with metaphors, the song dives into the current genocide in Gaza and explores the harsh realities through rich lyrics. “Rockets falling from the sky like rain” tragically describes the Gaza landscape, one dominated by rockets and bombs. The song also poignantly makes references to the martyrs of the Al Aqsa mosque bombing, saying that they will find their place in heaven. It is yet another song in adamant support of Palestine.

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Being so far from Gaza, in a lot of ways, music is one of the few weapons that we can use to fight back and support the Palestinian cause. The collection of these special songs is no exception, as they bring Palestinian voices to the limelight.

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