A Symbol Of Arab Unity: Why ‘Rajieen’ Is Trending Across Social Media Platforms

Trending now on YouTube and Twitter is the Pro Palestine hip hop song “Rajeen.” It is the first hip-hop song that unites 25 arab artists from 10 countries in the Middle East. The song has been an immediate hit since its release yesterday October 31, exceeding 320,000 views on YouTube.

The artists come from Palestine, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, and Kuwait. Six of the rappers are Egyptian, namely Amir Eid, Marwan Pablo, Marwan Moussa, Dina Al Wedidi, and Donia Wael. In addition to Dana Salah, Essam Al Nagar, and Wessam Kotb from Palestine.

All of them participated voluntarily, and Amir Eid said through his X account that the song revenue would go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund ‘PCRF’.

Despite negative comments from social media users saying that a hip hop song sounds insensitive, considering the tragic situation of fellow people in Gaza. Some negative comments accused the artists of making use of the trend. On the other hand, many saw it as a positive gesture and hailed it bigger and bolder than the famous ‘Arab Dream’ operetta.

“I don’t understand how people make songs out of People’s blood,” said user Hala Kotb on X.

“Do you think god is happy that our strife has become musical?” said another user Abdullah Magdy on X.

Arab rap established itself an inspiring role in moving the sentiments of the masses, since the start of current events the lyrics of Palestinian rapper Shabjadeed are sponsoring the resistance. Most notable of those are two collaborations: Amerikkka, and Inn Ann.

This is not the first time that rap proved itself to be expressive of people’s conflict. Famously, in Iran 39 rappers have shot a 20-minute song ‘Khanevadegi’ encapsulating the different Iranian dialects and diverse cultures.

Earlier this week, Egyptian rapper ‘Arsenik’ released a song called ‘Taka’ dedicated to the Palestinian strife, and fueled with strong hopeful lyrics.

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