“Give ’em hell, Netanyahu” Jordan Peterson Reflects On Anti-Palestine Remarks With Piers Morgan

Clinical Psychiatrist and author of 12 Rules for Life Jordan Peterson joined Piers Morgan on his show yesterday, October 31 to comment on the ongoing conflict in Gaza. He thinks Palestine and Israel are realities that the world shall be in terms with, and the October 7 Hamas attack has a sickening effect on him. Peterson is famous for his controversial opinions. He was criticized for his X Tweet following the Hamas attack: the X post said “Give them Hell, enough is enough.” His interview with Morgan has spurred more debate and criticism all over social media. Below are some of his answers from yesterday’s interview.

Does Israel have a license to do whatever it wants, When enough is enough?

“I don’t think Israel will have a license to do whatever it wants… let’s imagine that Israel moves against Hamas with its usual effectiveness and they start winning and the casualties mount. It’s a lot easier to take a victim appreciation stance against a power that’s clearly winning.”

Peterson believes that it is easier to side with the victim because this naturally is morally rewarding. “The more [Israel] manifest[s] its military superiority the easier it’s going to be for those who cast the Palestinians as victims to hold to gain the moral upper hand.

Do you regret tweeting “Give them hell, enough is enough”?

“I was very taken aback by what happened in Israel…I was upset because I had developed somewhat of a Muslim following on YouTube and I burned some of that up. I’m certain I didn’t do that in the most productive manner.”

Is racing to take sides with either Palestine or Israel the wise thing to do?

“I don’t think Israel’s going away but I don’t think Palestine isn’t going away either and so those things have to be accepted.”

“Palestine is a reality that isn’t going to go away and Israel is a reality that isn’t going to go away and the Abraham accords started to recognize that and there was a move in the right direction and if that falls apart we’re going to be back to where we were.”

Is Israel evil for putting Palestinians in a concentration camp? Or is it their duty towards a state run by ‘Terrorist’ Hamas?

“Whatever tyranny Israel might be exerting over the Palestinians isn’t for the Palestinians to exert even more tyranny over themselves especially not in concert with a third party like Iran who’s perfectly willing to sacrifice at any point”

“The Palestinians like all people bear the responsibility to live in truth and to stand up to tyranny in their deeds and in their actions, because if you don’t you pay for that and so do your children…the children suffer for the sins of their forefathers”

Peterson proceeds to pose another question himself: “Why won’t Arab states around Gaza take in Palestinian refugees?”

He answers it by explicitly denying the Arab victim mindset that sees Western colonialism as a valid danger. He further accused ‘Arabs’ in their totality of being involved in imprisoning Palestinians by not opening borders.

“You know the prison that is Palestine has walls on sides that aren’t Israeli so no one will ever talk about that. The fact that the Arabs won’t take in the Palestinians you can’t even bring that up because of course the Arabs themselves are victims of Western colonialism which is one of the most absurd propositions ever set forth by anyone about anything”

“Israelis are playing their role but they’re by no means the only actors”

His Comment About The Catastrophic Failure of Israeli Defense

“It isn’t obvious to me that it failed any worse than you should expect a system like that to fail when it is faced by psychopathic terrorists who are being funded by outside sources.”

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