Palestinian TikToker Abdulrahman Battah Spreads Humor In The Face Of Gaza Genocide

An aspiring Palestinian boy living in Gaza is making sarcastic content about the war on his social media accounts which are receiving millions of views. He is the epitome of resilience and faith.

Abdelrahman Battah, a Palestinian young man living in Gaza is doing the courageous work of depicting the ongoing genocide in Gaza by filming TikToks and Instagram reels on the rooftop of his home where Israeli missiles can be seen flying in the background, and the consistent sound of banging is clearly heard; and rising smoke can be seen, but for a few moments, Battah makes us forget the brutality of the situation.

In one of his reels, he refers to a loud bombing sound in the background and says, “War vibes are supreme, like a morning iced coffee, give me 10 to 15 minutes and I might be dead” which he ends with a heartfelt laugh.

In another post, and in a more serious tone he describes the situation in his own words as follows:

“Lots of people ask me how is it like to live in Gaza. Imagine having to wake up as early as five in the morning to head to the bakery hoping to make it among the first fifty people queue. Imagine having to walk from three to four kilometers to fill a water bottle. Imagine going to the supermarket to buy food and ending up buying cheese since you can’t cook when the gas is cut. Imagine walking for one hour to be able to charge your phone a little bit in solar power. Imagine this is all a reality and I am making nothing up…the situation is so Iced Coffee!”

As a young comedian, he is famous among his followers for his ironic statement. “The situation is absolutely iced coffee “Haja Iced Coffee 3al Akher,” which immediately gives the impression that none of what is happening is affecting him, or will break him any time soon.

This serenity amid the chaos is not new to humans in such brutal times, and certainly not new to Palestinians who master the art of coexisting side to side with tragedy and pain.

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