Unconventional Regional Bachelorette Weekend Ideas For You & Your Gals

An all-girls weekend can be a true slice of heaven, but what if it is also your very own bachelorette weekend? Any bride-to-be has a lot to look forward to beyond the big day itself, as the bachelorette weekend alone marks a chance to stamp an unforgettable snapshot of pre-wed life.

To make for a truly special bachelorette weekend, we’ve curated regional out-of-the-box experiences for you and your gal pals:

Sail Away Across El Gouna

With the summer season in full bloom, what better time to hit up Egypt’s ultimate resort town known as El Gouna than now? Known to be surrounded by picturesque islands, we highly recommend that for your bachelorette weekend, you take the girls on a yacht trip across the lapping waters of El Gouna.

One of the islands you can hit up is Orange Bay Island which can be booked through TripAdvisor. The trip includes spending a full day on the glimmering waters, sailing for hours until you reach the island.

Once there, you and your gals can relax at the resort and then follow that by dining on the boat, which will serve a seafood buffet lunch. For that touch of adventure, you’ll also get to take part in water activities like snorkeling and a banana boat ride.

Make Your Very Own Perfume In Dubai

Nothing beats spritzing on the fragrant goodness of an expertly crafted perfume. Imagine, though, if you were the one behind the scent. If you and your girls love perfumes, the ultimate way to celebrate your bachelorette weekend is by heading out and making your very own scents.

A must-visit is Dubai’s Maison 21g at Dubai Hills Mall, which offers an innovative perfume experience. You and your gals get to choose from 30 different exclusive scents to make your perfume. Upping the customization, you also get to design your very own perfume bottle that resonates with your style and personality.

Experience A Culinary & Farm Weekend In Morocco

For an all-in-one trip that blends together culture, food and travel, your all-girl weekend can be spent in Morocco. That experience can be found at Mandala World Travel’s Moroccan Cookery and Tasting Weekend.

For 3 nights, you get to pick either a stay in a beautifully restored boutique riad in Marrakech or a gorgeous guesthouse in the Moroccan countryside. Along with that, you get to spend a full day on a farm outside the city where you’ll gather produce and then enjoy a cooking class with a Master chef as well as a lesson in traditional Berber bread making.

Shake Your Hips At One Of Egypt’s Belly Dancing Classes

To get into the party mood and the true bachelorette weekend spirit, you and your girls need to get those hips of yours shaking at a belly dance class. Egypt is known to have some of the top belly dancers out there with everyone from the Russian star Johara to the Brazilian showstopper Badra.

To dance it out, we recommend hitting up Adams Dance Studio for those belly dancing classes. Opt for their group classes where they offer belly dancing during the weekends.

Splash Across Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld

From twisting around an aqua loop to whooshing down a water slide, what better way to enjoy a bachelorette weekend than by hitting up a waterpark? For an unforgettable experience, a must-go-to is Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld.

Considered one of Abu Dhabi’s most incredible attractions, this massive waterpark spans 15 football pitches and even has an Emirati theme.

It follows the story of a young local girl who is on a mission to find a pearl. With 40 popular rides including the world’s largest six-person tornado water coaster, this is a must visit for you and your gals.

Thrill Seeking Adventure At Alula

If you want an experience of thrill and rush but want something other than a waterpark, you can head to Saudi’s Alula. Known for its show stopping natural wonders, there is no shortage of things to do at the Kingdom’s heritage gem.

From zip-lining through valleys to thrilling abseiling, it is a haven for adventure lovers. Alula even has an exhilarating 45-meter suspended stairway that you can attempt to climb. If these types of activities are right up your alley, then get your girls and make Alula your next destination.

With all these unconventional activities, any bride-to-be can cement truly unforgettable memories pre-wedding.

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