Why Arab Women Need To Tune Into The Legally Blonde Series?

We all know the story. Our beloved Elle Woods decides to go to law school to win back her ex-boyfriend only to find that she’s actually a pretty good lawyer. That gem of a film is making a comeback on our screens as a TV show, a prequel, if you may, that will tell us the origin story of Woods as a 1990s high schooler.

With it getting revived, we believe it is a worth watch for all Arab women, and here are our reasons why:

A Dose Of Positive Femininity

If the show is anything like the two past films, we will get our usual dose of Woods. Her bubbly personality, coupled with her intense drive and positivity, makes her a character who lifts people up. She appreciates her femininity and even celebrates it.

In the Arab world, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, there is a newfound movement of positive femininity. Now, in Saudi Arabia, women are joining and dominating the workforce, and they are doing it in style and pizzaz.

Watching Woods on the screen will only boost their drive even more and inspire them to go bigger.

Not Letting The Opinion Of Others Shape You

In many Arab communities, society and family play a major role in one’s life. Lots of parents care a lot about how others will perceive them and their children, which can negatively impact and restrain the child’s life.

The beauty of Woods is that she doesn’t let the opinions of others shape her. Throughout her time in Harvard during the first film, Woods had trouble meeting similar minded girls who shared interests with her.

Instead, she was constantly made fun of because of her peppy and bubbly personality. That did not stop her from keeping her head high and staying true to herself despite what others think.

Being Your Own Fashion Icon

In the Arab world, being fashionable to your own liking can sometimes be hard. There is this invisible line women teeter between showing too much skin or hiding behind their clothes.

Being conservative and fashionable at the same time can be hard, but if you watch Woods, who, yes, we know isn’t conservative, you’ll see how she knows who she is on the inside and is able to express that through her fashion.

That is what it means to be a fashion icon. You need to learn who you are to be able to dress in a way that will make you stand out and be a positive expression of your personality. Woods is the perfect exemplification of that.

In a nutshell, Woods exemplifies a confident, fashionable, and brave woman who does not give up and does not let society dictate her dreams and aspirations. She can be an inspiration for Arab women and showcase to them a fresh and new way of conquering their obstacles and reaching their goals.

With that, get ready for 2025, as that is the year the Elle prequel series will grace us on Prime Video!

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