Unveiling the Opulence: Dubai’s Top Five Exquisite Dining Experiences

Experience Dubai’s opulent dining scene, which redefines luxury dining and food culture alike. In fact, Dubai’s gastronomic landscape might be the best in the world.

So come along as we unravel Dubai’s top five most expensive restaurants, where culinary excellence meets unparalleled extravagance.


Dining in an underwater paradise, where stingrays glide gracefully past your table as you enjoy exquisite meals. Welcome to Ossiano, a celestial dining haven nestled within Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai.

Awarded a coveted MICHELIN star, Ossiano epitomizes progressive fine dining. Chef Grégoire Berger orchestrates the best meals inspired by the oceans and seas. Each dish at Ossiano is a testament to culinary mastery.

The restaurant offers European, Mediterranean, French, and Contemporary cuisine at an average price of 1,150 AED, accompanied by optional wine pairings to elevate the experience to sublime heights.


Experience Japanese precision and Western flair at Zuma, located in Dubai International Financial Center. Boasting a captivating ambiance adorned with earthy tones and geometric shapes, Zuma invites diners on a sensory trip through the realms of sushi, sashimi, and beyond.

Ranked 13th on the 50 best restaurants list in the MENA region, Zuma offers a culinary extravaganza where East meets West in perfect harmony.

The premium menu is priced at AED 1395 per person.


Located on the 22nd floor of Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah, Nobu Dubai has a dining atmosphere like no other.

Renowned for its fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, the restaurant became one of the best Dubai restaurants according to the Michelin guide, with signature dishes crafted by celebrity chef Matsuhisa, such as the iconic black cod miso and succulent wagyu beef tacos.

The signature menu, priced at 575 AED (approximately 156 USD), promises an unforgettable dining experience amidst timeless surroundings and elegance.


Ascend to dizzying heights and enjoy unparalleled luxury at At.mosphere, Dubai’s highest restaurant perched atop the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Offering panoramic views of the sprawling cityscape below, it elevates dining to new heights of extravagance. Experience prime-cut grills, decadent caviar, and freshly shucked oysters in the backdrop of an inspiring view.

Whether it’s an afternoon tea or an intimate dinner, At.mosphere promises an experience that transcends anything else.

With prices starting at 250 AED per person for non-window seats and 350 AED for window seats, prepare yourself for unparalleled luxury and culinary splendor.


Located on Jumeirah Bay Island, Hōseki offers an exclusive trip to Japanese gastronomy. With just nine seats adorning its minimalist interiors, Hōseki promises an intimate Omakase experience like no other.

Chef Masahiro Sugiyama curates personalized courses for each visitor, showcasing the finest ingredients and culinary traditions of Japan. You’ll also enjoy the mesmerizing skyline views of Dubai as you dine.

The RURI menu is priced at AED 2,250 per person, and the HISUI menu is priced at AED 1,750 per person. With accolades including a MICHELIN star and a coveted spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Dubai’s most expensive restaurants transcend mere dining experiences. Whether it’s dining amidst underwater splendor or enjoying panoramic views from dizzying heights, these sanctuaries promise an escape into the realms of luxury and excellence.

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