Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Use After The Wedding

When celebrating the big day, it’s great having your go-to girls, your posse, by your side. Bridesmaids will be there for you through thick and thin and will always have tissues ready for those cute, tearful moments.

With them being by your side throughout your bridal journey, why not thank them and celebrate your friendship with some unique gifts? The key here is for them to actually want to use them after the wedding:

Customized Hangers From Sky Essam Events

On the special day, your bridesmaids will have their dresses ironed and at the ready. The best spot for these gorgeous dresses is to be hung up high on a hanger. As a way to make your bridesmaids and your maid of honor feel special, you can etch their names and roles on glistening brown wood coat hangers.

Via TikTok

These are available by contacting event planner Sky Essam who you can message through Instagram. These hangers make for a lasting gift, as you can use them after the wedding to hang even more dresses for future occasions.

Customized Tote Bag From Tote Beirut

Because they’re big, compact, and can carry quite a lot, everyone loves having a tote bag. They exude practicality and are an essential accessory for many. Knowing this, you can treat your bridesmaids to a gift you know they probably use every day.

With Tote Beirut, you can order your very own customized tote bag with the name of each bridesmaid on the front of the bag. Personalized and practical: a great combo for a gift.

Small Jewelry Box From Muqbis

For any occasion, event, or even a simple outing, getting glammed up goes beyond makeup. From rings to bracelets, a little bling bling goes a long way. One of the most practical gifts you can get for bridesmaids is a gorgeous jewelry box that can hold your favorite rings and earrings.

Via Muqbis

The online Egyptian handmade artworks shop known as Muqbis offers a special collection of personalized gifts. In their woodworking section, you can order a handcrafted jewelry handmade wooden box with the bridesmaid’s name carved at the top.

A Bridesmaid Scrunchie From Shein

Bored of keeping your hair down? That’s where a scrunchie comes in handy. You can flaunt a ponytail with the scrunchie secured on your hair or even a cute bun. It’s really simple but can make for a cute gift for your bridesmaids.

Via Shein

Get your hands on a set of 12 satin scrunchies from Shein. These special scrunchies will have a cute card wrapped around them with the message “To Have And To Hold Your Hair Back.”

All these gifts are simple but because they have that personalized touch coupled with them being practical, you’ll know that your bridesmaids will actually make use of them after your special day.

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