‘Shut It Down’ Movement Creates 300 Consecutive Protests In One Day All Over The U.S., But Who Are They?

Shut it down for Palestine: Amid the ongoing relentless atrocities inflicted upon the land and people of Gaza, there is an increasing awareness that the occupation of Israel can be threatened by disrupting the organizations that fund, invest, or collaborate with it. People are already becoming more aware, Pro Palestine protesters all over the world have confronted their governments, and targeted Israeli weapons manufacturers; countries have cut diplomatic ties with Israel and called on their ambassadors.

Planning for protests, marches, walk-ins, sit-ins, and die-ins, and plenty of other forms of direct action that call out organizations aiding or supporting Israel. The three immediate aims are immediate ceasefire in Gaza, stopping all aid to Israel, and lifting the siege on Gaza. Their first organized global protest was on November 9 where 600 actions took place. Hundreds of actions took place all over the states and in other countries like Cleveland and Morocco.

The next action is planned for November 17 where numerous acts of disruption and resistance shall take place. The actions could be as little as wearing Kufiyahs in public, or black armbands, and as big as pickets at Israeli embassies and consulates, walks out from work or school. Their slogan is “No Business as Usual” until Palestine is free. The movement’s coverners are the Palestinian Youth Movement, Answer Coalition which organized the 150,000 Washington rally on 4 November, and the People’s Forum.

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