Premature Babies Dying & Corpses Snapped By Dogs: The Situation In Gaza’s Largest Hospital

On November 12, Tedros Adhanom Director General of WHO wrote on X, formerly Twitter that the World Health Organization was finally able to get in touch with the crew of Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa. “It’s been 3 days without electricity, without water and with very poor internet…the hospital is not functioning as a hospital anymore. Thousands flee Gaza’s main hospital but hundreds, including babies, are still trapped by fighting.”

Currently, there are more than 100 bodies in the courtyard of Gaza’s largest hospital ‘Al Shifa’ waiting for burial, and stray dogs began to snap the bodies, according to Al Jazeera. In addition to this, 39 premature babies remain at great risk of death since Al Shifa Hospital ran out of fuel. Medical staff unable to make mass grave in Al Shifa Hospital courtyard due to Israeli nonstop shelling.

Currently, 20 of 35 hospitals have run out of electricity and fuel. The utmost priority is to restore electricity and fuel to hospitals, and for calling in for more doctors to support the existing crew working around the clock. According to the latest death toll by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the numbers are more than 11,000 Palestinians murdered by the occupation, most of them children and women. The Palestinian Red Crescent officially announced that Al Quds Hospital, which comes second to Al Shifa is out of service.

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