Seizing Over $1.3 M In Cash: How Gaza’s Current Fate Is Being Put In Israel’s Treasury

There are talks across several media outlets that the Israel Defense Ministry announced how its forces seized about five million Israeli shekels which amount to about 1.3 million dollars. They have been seizing the cash since the start of their operations in the Gaza Strip. They added that the plan is for them to add the money into Israel’s treasury.

Via Reddit

They were able to seize multiple currencies including Iraqi and Jordanian dinars as well as US dollars which were found in the residences and homes of the Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately, this is not new when it comes to the IDF as back in 1948, during the Nakba, Israeli forces seized 774 Palestinian villages and towns and displaced thousands, taking their money and looting their homes. History is only repeating itself with the world calling the act a theft without compensation.

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