Visit Gaza Trends On X After Elon Musk’s Controversial Trip To Israel Following Anti-Semitic Accusations

It has been 20 days since the internet has been cut off from Gaza. Amid this blackout, people are isolated in Gaza while the situation is becoming intolerable for many. The social media giant Elon Musk responded to the blackout last October, SpaceX’s Starlink will support communication in Gaza with “internationally recognized organizations.”

Yesterday, and almost a month later after his promise, Musk made his visit to Israel after growing accusations of anti-semitism. He reached an agreement with Israel’s communication minister Shlomo Karhi that Starlink can only be used in Gaza after the approval of the Israeli government. Musk’s visit to Israel comes more than a week after he agreed with the claim that Jewish communities push “Hatred against Whites,” leading to a rebuke from the White House and a major exodus of advertisers on X platform.

Upon knowing of his visit, social media users and activists are calling for Musk to visit Gaza, after a video of him visiting the Kibbutz where the festival was attacked by Hamas on October 7. The video was seen as an attempt to twist or unbalance the narrative, neglecting what has been done to the children and people of Gaza for the past 40 days.

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