From A Spokesperson Of A Militant Group To A Symbol Of Hope: Who Is Abo Obayda?

A TV in the living room is set on Al Jazeera channel that is streaming live footage from the Gaza strip all day long, it is the familiar background noise that the Egyptian homes have known since the melodies of the Palestinian resistance began. Children of different ages are playing, adults are talking when suddenly the sound of news reporting is interrupted by the voice of the leader of militia group Hamas, Abu Obaida. Everybody is now attentive to the voice, including the children, everybody is searching for something to cool their outrage down between the lines of Abo Obaida.

One could argue that a link could be established between the purgation effect of centuries-old Greek theatre, to explain the psychology behind people’s watching of Abo Obayda’s speeches.

When did the official spokesperson of the alleged ‘terrorist’ group, become a popular figure? And when did his speeches take the shape of more than just news, and more than just pure politics?

Named after Aby Obayda Ben Al Jarah, the conquerer of Al Quds in the reign of Muslim Khalifa Omar Ibn Al Khatab. Abo Obayda who appeared for the first time on TV in 2006  is currently on top of the list of people wanted by Israel, he is the main person behind the psychological and media war.

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In a 2021 interview with Al Jazeera Net, Abo Obayda said that a big part of his popularity goes to the transparency and credibility of the statistics he says on behalf of the militant group…he continued saying that the Palestinian and Arab masses are standing in support for the resistance movement that the “Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim masses, along with all the free spirits in the world need to quench their thirst for a military spokesperson that is credible, carrying with him real news of victory that go along with their hopes in freedom and emancipation.”

Bassem Yousef in his second round with Piers Morgan said, “There’s a difference between explanation and justification. When people were celebrating terrorist attacks, you know, against Western, Western targets, of course, I don’t condone that. But why? Because the plight and the suffering of their brothers in Palestine, in the Arab world are not being heard.”

“Emotions are very inflammatory and it is not right, but those people have nothing else.”

Youssef then said that what the Western audience sees is Arab people rejoicing over the death of innocent Israeli civilians. Youssef’s argument is of great relevance here and could be one way to answer the increasing popularity of Abu Obayda, the masked man who brings news of victory, the epitome of a purgation that is much needed.

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Abo Obayda being an anonymous masked man means he is not celebrated for who he is, as much as he is celebrated for what he symbolizes. His uncanny presence, and intimidating speeches, play a pivotal role in any good spokesperson in any war preserving the spirits of the masses, and offering hope.

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