“A Calm And Deep Conversation” Round 2 Between Bassem Youssef & Piers Morgan

After the huge success of the first interview with Bassem Youssef which became the most watched interview for Piers Morgan Uncensored show, gaining millions of views in two weeks, Piers Morgan flew all the way from Britain to Los Angeles to meet the Egyptian heart surgeon and Comedian and talk for a second tina physical interview about the Palestine-Israel conflict.

“You are someone who has always spoken against cancel culture. Right now, a whole culture is canceled.” Said Bassem Youssef during the second interview with Piers.

The interview was aired yesterday exclusively on Talk TV YouTube channel 10 pm Cairo time.

Unlike the first interview which was characterized by fiery statements both from Youssef and Morgan’s side, The tone of this interview intended to be calmer, yet preserve the same confidence and outspokenness from Youssef’s side.

On X, formerly Twitter; Bassem described the second interview as a “deep, calm conversation about a very complicated issue…no sound bites, no trending phrases, no attempts to score points for reach and views. Just an attempt to have our voices heard,” Youssef said.

During the second interview, Youssef’s argument was built on giving a quick overview of the history of Jewish people displacement, showing that it goes way back to early modernity in Europe and finds its climax under Hitler’s hands during the holocaust. Now Palestinians are paying the price.

Youssef starts the interview by stating that the question of condemnation is completely useless “I condemn Hamas, you condemn Israel. Interview over. What happened? Nothing.”

Then he moved to an important point. Youssef rationalizes the reason behind why people on either of the two sides are celebrating the terror inflicted on the other. It is feeding centuries and centuries of bottled up hate, and helplessness.

He further used satire to touch on brands like McDonald’s donating to Israel.

McDonald’s are giving free meals to the Israelis. Because nothing will make you feel better after killing a bunch of Palestinian kids than a Happy Meal,” he said.

Bassem Youssef had undoubtedly been making the strongest statements during the current events, and all through his career as a satirical comedian. His interviews with the British broadcaster Piers Morgan are of great impact because it mediates what is continuously lost in the gap between journalism in the East and journalism in the West with regard to the Palestinian resistance.

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