Macklemore’s Poetic Justice: Rapper Speaks Out For Palestine Through Powerful On-Stage Verse

Using his voice in support and solidarity of Palestine, Macklemore once again speaks up against the inhumanity of the genocide but this time through the powerful art of poetry. During an on-stage performance, the American rapper and singer took the mic and read out a poem that focused on the situation in Palestine. The entire poem was one of peace and the right for anyone to merely exist especially as Macklemore emphasized that the poem is there not to offend listeners but to elicit a sense of shared humanity and love.

Reading it out in a calculated rhythm, Macklemore’s voice heightens in intensity as he reaches a part of his poem all about US funding. It goes like this, “But there are innocent humans out there in Gaza getting murdered with our dollars, and those precious human lives are an extension of us.” Its words truly cut like a dagger through the hearts of his listeners by placing everyone in the concert under accountability. Allegedly, the US annually funds Israel 3 to 4 billion dollars, most of which goes to the Israeli military. Macklemore makes sure to remind listeners of this reality.

His poem also emphasizes how he wants peace for all, as in both Palestinians and the Jewish community, the ones who stand with Palestine and support the nation. “‘Never Again’ means never again for all,” says Macklemore. The entire direction of the poem is similar to many of Macklemore’s songs that encourage equality and acceptance of all.

His words truly resonated with global viewers with one user commenting, “I didn’t expect this. I will now listen to his art.” while another celebrated the start of his poem, “the first 3 sentences, he said it better than anyone.” The artist’s repeated display of solidarity showcases how the fight is not over for many as more public figures and celebrities continue to take a stand for the occupied nation of Palestine.

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