12 Months, 12 New Thrills To Experience In 2024 Across The Middle East

Every year when January 1st arrives, we make the usual promise to ourselves that this will be the year that we’ll accomplish great things. You’ll have that big list of resolutions at the ready but once the new year hits, chances are you’ll have forgotten about that list all together. This year, we want to help you do things differently. It is time to embark on a year of monumental achievements with our 12-month challenge. For every month of 2024, you can accomplish something extraordinary across the region, from climbing Mount Sinai to sandboarding across Morocco’s desert.

January: Climb Egypt’s Mount Sinai

Hiking Mount Sinai, the 2,285-meter peak located at south Sinai is probably on many people’s bucket list as that particular mountain is considered the most religiously significant in the Middle East and even the world at large. Known as the Mountain of Moses, it is considered the very spot where prophet Moses received the 10 commandments. For the first month of the year, hiking the 11.5 km trail to the peak of Mount Sinai is great way to kick off the year knowing that you are scaling such a religiously significant mountain.

February: Soar Through Ras Al Khaimah

Adrenaline junkies rejoice as for your second month, you can experience once-in-a-lifetime sense of superhero magic by soaring across the jagged mountain peaks and swooping through deep ravines on the world’s longest zipline Jais Flight. At Ras Al Khaimah, head to the cloud-piercing Jebel Jais peak to experience 3-hair raising minutes of adrenaline.

March: Paraglide Across Lebanon’s Jounieh

We all need to try it at one point, getting strapped onto that gaping gigantic parachute and then zapping through the air. Lebanon is known for its gorgeous peaks and turquoise waters that is why the coastal city of Jounieh is the perfect landscape to enjoy from the clouds. For your third month, paraglide through Jounieh to get a unique perspective of Lebanon.

April: Sandboard Morocco’s Erg Chebbi

For many Arabs, we know very well that most of our geography is made up of endless sandy deserts. That is why sandboarding should be on the top of our bucket list. For your fourth month, for the ultimate sandboarding experience, we’ve picked out Morocco’s Erg Chebbi home to massive sand dunes formed by wind-blown sand that make for the perfect peaks to slide and swoosh across.

May: Scuba Dive Egypt’s Red Sea

Anyone who has not experienced the magic of diving underwater and getting up close and personal with sea life is missing out. When it comes to Red Sea diving, most head to Sharm El Sheikh but if you are a first time diver, we recommend heading instead to Hurghada because most of the reefs will be shallow and easy to reach while at the same time filled with sea life like the Giftun Islands.

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June:  Traverse Algeria’s Sidi M’Cid Bridge

Known as the highest and most stunning of all the bridges in the 2000 year old city of Constantine, Sidi M’Cid hangs tall 175 meters high above the Rhummel River gorge that divides the city in two. At one point in time, it was the highest suspension bride in the world. For the brave hearts out there, mark your 6th month by crossing the dizzying hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge and reaching the other side.

July: Dive Oman’s Bimmah Sinkhole

Located in a wadi in Oman is an otherworldly limestone pool, the Bimmah Sinkhole, filled with a unique mix of both fresh and sea water that result in its stunning glimmers of turquoise. Visiting this special spot, you can tap into your adventurous side and dive its 20 meter depths for a unique travel experience.

August: Flyboard Across Dubai’s Waters

Thinking we will only witness it in sci-fi films, Dubai has made the unexpected a reality by making flyboarding possible. Across its public beaches of Jumeirah are sports enthusiasts hovering over its waters on hydro-powered fly boards. To get a taste of true adventure, experience flying through Dubai’s waters with the help of a guide.

September : Sail Through Tunis’ Skies

Ever wanted to sail through the skies? How about in a massive hot air balloon? Tunis offers sprawling landscapes of the Sahara desert that can be enjoyed from the top of the skies. For the 9th month of the year, make it special by taking to the skies whether with friends or family or solo.

October: Dune Bash Across Saudi

With its massive sand dunes and long sand valleys, Saudi boasts the perfect spot to dune bash across the desert. Hop on a jeep with friends and family and experience the sandy rollercoaster ride across Saudi’s desert terrain.

November: Climb Up To Petra’s Monastery

Dating back to 300 BC is one of Jordan’s most prized cities, that of Petra which is accessed by traversing a narrow canyon through the cliffs. Along the ancient site is the massive Treasury that used to contain many treasures as well as the Monastery known as Ad-Deir. To truly experience the Monastery in a unique way, you can scale up its 850 steps that were cut onto its rock face thousands of years ago.

December: Ski Through Iraq’s Snowy Erbil

Beyond its endless sandy desert landscape, you might not know this but Iraq is also home to snowy mountainous terrain. Get your ski gear ready and begin your unique ski tour at Erbil and continue on to the peaks around the town of Choman near the Iranian border.

So with that, ditch the couch as well as your long list of resolutions that never pan out and try out our unique 12 month challenge that will not only see you travelling across the region but also, pushing your limits with death defying experiences that you will never forget.

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