10 Things We Actually Like About Cairo Traffic

Everyone alwaysss complains about Cairo traffic, right? And with the recent rise in petrol prices, there’s even more reason to gripe and moan. But as we all Cairenes know, there’s always a silver-lining to even the most rage-inducing experiences.

Here are some things we actually like about Cairo traffic:


1. The wonderful randomness of the songs played on 104.2!

Nile FM Logo1


2. It gives you time to sort your thoughts… a lot of time.




3. Pretending you’re in a video game and creating a points system for scoring things, like number of times a lorry cuts you off.

The goal is to get as least, or if you’re feeling really wild, as most points as possible by the time you get to your destination.

Bonus points when you see a stuffed monkey hanging off the back of a truck, minus points for dead animals larger than a goat.

driving video game


4. It’s perfect for brainstorming if you have a group with you. Make at least one decision together by the time you reach your destination. Baby steps…



5. Singing, of course, and screaming if need be and dancing!




6. It’s the perfect time to catch up on your phone calls (hands-free if you’re driving… be safe!), the ones you didn’t get to in the day and the ones you’ve been putting off.

Britney Spears Eats Fast Food


7. The crowd… cracking jokes with the cars around you and sharing cigarettes…



8. The serendipitous surprise of meeting people you know randomly in the crush of the cars.



9. All those hours spent stopping and going, stopping and going gives you time to get philosophical, having conversations with your late grandmother or your imaginary future husband or God…



10. You become super multi-functional – driving, eating, talking on the phone, applying makeup, sleeping… you’ve got a whole system in place.



WE SAID THIS: And number 11 has to be “The Epidemic of Ridiculous Bumper Stickers in Egypt“!