5 of the Filthiest Surfaces You’ll Encounter While Flying

The next time you decide to fly, be sure to have a stock of hand sanitizer with you, because reports have shown just how disgusting some surfaces on the plane are! It makes us wonder what the cleaners between flights actually do!

Here are the five filthiest surfaces you’ll encounter:


1. Security Bins


How many times have you been asked to take your shoes off and place them in the tray? And how many people do you think have been asked to do the same thing?!

Reports have shown that the bacteria found in these trays was dangerous and enough to make a person VERY sick!

That’s just the start, now let’s move on to what actually happens ON the plane!


2. Food Tray Tables


Just thinking of this makes me want to puke. The tray you use to eat has been used by various numbers of people to change their babies’ nappies! Not just that, but a tremendous number of germs and bacteria were found from the crumb remains and stains.


3. Seat Belts


Apparently anything anyone touches on a regular basis is just going to be disgusting! So before you start buckling up, GET THAT SANITIZER READY!


4. Inside of Bathroom Doors


Think of what happens inside the bathroom and you’ll understand what we mean when we say the inside door handles are just FILTHY!


5. Seatback Pockets


The most disgusting reports, in my opinion, have to be about the seatback pockets… All the bacteria picked up from this surface was associated to the human gut! Bacteria that live in our gut found itself pretty comfortable on the backs of those chairs.


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