7 Things We Love About Ramadan

As everyone’s energy levels dwindle in the second week of Ramadan, I can’t help but think to myself as tired and fatigued as I am (and pretty much all around useless), there is just something about this month that I really love!

Here are 7 things that make Ramadan like no other month out there:


1. Family gatherings

fetar egypt

Sometimes you don’t realize you can go a month or two without seeing your cousins, aunts and uncles – especially when life gets chaotic at work or you pick going to Sokhna or Gouna instead of that family gathering.

But in Ramadan you know you’re going to see them at least a couple times in different family members’ houses just sitting and reminiscing.

That for me is the essence of Ramadan!


2. Catching up with old friends


The best thing about Ramadan nights is catching up with old friends you haven’t seen awhile. You’ll most likely bump into them at a cafe or kheima and just end up sitting with each other for the rest of the night, as if you haven’t spent a year not seeing each other.


3. Detoxing


I may be hungry and cranky all day, just longing for my coffee, but I have to admit, being able to flush out all those toxins and stay away from any harmful substances (no I’m not talking about drugs) is literally a God send!


4. Seeing the everyday man’s extreme generosity


I love driving in the streets right before fetar and seeing children and grown ups alike standing in the sweltering sun passing out water, juice, dates and so forth for the stranded people in the streets that are fasting before Al Maghrib.

Proof we should still have faith in humanity!


5. Getting closer to God


The spirit of the Holy month makes me want to get closer to God, pushing aside all the distractions that bombard us year round. There is such a zen feeling that comes after praying in Ramadan, a feeling of ease.


6. Less working hours


I think everyone can relate to this – HALF DAY EVERY DAY! Get home by 4 sleep till 7 pm! That, if you ask me, is bliss (unproductive but bliss all the less).


7. No curfew


For those of you who still suffer from your parents’ reign, one thing you can definitely appreciate in Ramadan is the late nights (thus your curfew getting pushed back) so you can have sohour with family and friends.


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