9 Tips to Save for Your Travels


How many times do you travel per year? Once, twice, maybe not at all? Are you limited due to financial restraints?

The problem isn’t the amount of money you earn. The problem is the amount of money you spend and how badly you want to change your unhealthy spending patterns.

Here are a few tips to help you save for your next trip:


1. Stop buying irresponsibly

If you have an iPhone you don’t need to also buy an iPad. If you already have two pairs of jeans, don’t go out and purchase a third. Just go through your closet and you will realize that you own tons of things that are unnecessary. We humans are naturally greedy and we always crave for more. So check yourself, spend wisely and only buy things that you really need.


2. Cut down on your daily expenses

It’s true that some financial commitments cannot be banished but there are some that can. For example, you can stop running up your phone bill by not talking with your friend for hours on the phone. You can brew coffee at home instead of buying from the local cafe. You can stop wasting gas in your car by going straight home instead of driving around aimlessly.


3. Make a “travel savings” box

The most effective way to save money is to have a goal in mind. I personally always save with the goal in mind that I should have enough money to travel whenever an opportunity comes my way. I know how upset I would be if the only obstacle in the way of my traveling was a shortage of money. This is what motivates me to save.


4. Monitor your spending

It’s not harmful to write down your daily, weekly and monthly spending, or at least to keep track. There are many mobile applications that can help you do keep track of your spending and you can even write notes.


5. Make your own food

We are all human and we all get hungry. Instead of buying already made food its cheaper to cook or prepare food for yourself (and above all healthier). Whether you go to school or work, it’s about time to cut off your spending on food.


6. Do the travel bookings and arrangements on your own

It might be a bit difficult at the beginning but once you follow the routine, travel arrangements and bookings get easier. Needless to say, it’s fun planning out the details of your trip yourself. However, I recommend booking with an “on budget” agency when signing up for activities that require professional help or destinations that are not very safe for you to book on your own. But still, don’t proceed with that until you do your own research.


7. Spend less on accommodation and transportation

Don’t spend your entire budget on accommodation.You can save a lot of money if you simply choose to stay at inexpensive alternatives to hotels, such as hostels, B&Bs, inns, guesthouses, or campsites. Same goes for transportations – avoid taxis at all cost, use public transportation and always look for day or week passes. If you would prefer to have a bit more freedom with where you travel, then you can easily hire a car instead. This is great if you are super keen to travel at all hours and don’t want to be limited to just getting public transport. If this is something that you are thinking of doing, then it’s important to get the car insurance for your hire car. Doesn’t matter where you are travelling, you need to get the right one. For example, if you are planning on driving around Mexico, then you can click here to learn more about what you should do to stay safe on the road and avoid having to spend a lot more money in the future.


8. Don’t be too lazy to read tips on how to save money

Whether you’re an avid traveler or someone with zero travel experience, always read tips for saving money. They’re really useful and they’ll teach you a lot.


9. “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” -Warren Buffet

I’ve always had a difficult time saving money because of preexisting financial commitments, irresponsible shopping, too much self pampering, going out, among other things. This quote from Warren Buffet inspired be to completely change my spending patterns. However, when I feel the urge to buy something that compromises my saving plans, I buy it anyway and just spend less over the next few months.


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