An Open Letter To Egypt’s Road Authorities

I HATE YOU! You are the reason for all my misery.

You are what makes this country a living hell, it cannot be normal that my daily commute to and from New Cairo – to any where in this God forsaken city – is littered with dead bodies on the side of the road, completely destroyed cars and ambulances as a norm.

We, your citizens, have become completely desensitized to the sight of another human’s fatality, cursing people and their mothers for having us stuck in back to back traffic for three hours because some poor soul lost their life in yet another meaningless accident.

Don’t know what I am talking about, Mr. Road Authority Man? Here you go, just a sample of what we deal with on a daily basis:



If our lives mean nothing to you, then you are currently holding the wrong position. We could be one of your children, sisters, wives or even parents on the road going to and from work who happened to be killed by a gazillion ton lorry because the driver was high and speeding.

It could be one of your children, sisters, wives, or even parents on the road who tried to avoid an unnecessary pothole that led to them swerving unintentionally and their car flipping three times on the highway.

This has become an utter joke and the source of all or your citizens’ frustrations – 90% of road related accidents and traffic jams could all be solved if you exercised your abilities to enforce actual laws upon your citizens. We may hate you at first, but we will love you afterwards, for we will be living in a country that actually follows traffic laws, where we won’t have to hear the heartbreaking news that a family member or friend has passed away for reasons that could have been avoided.

To further drive my point home, let me show you a series of photos that I have personally compiled myself to showcase your incompetency:


1. A dead horse on the side of the Da2ery on the way to 6th of October, left there for weeks on end. TOTALLY NORMAL, right and healthy? Another thing on the road to swerve and avoid.



2. We have so many lanes these days and so little cars, why not dig up the road for whatever reason and leave it like that for months on end? Again, totally logical, not to mention that the road lights at night are not lit, so waking up to a couple of cars who have found their ways into these ditches is yet another common sight!



3. One of Egypt’s most used roads, Haram to Alexandria, has been dug up, demolished and left like this for the past two months. Not to mention the exit onto this road from the moneeb has been completely dug up and almost impossible to pass over. Oh well, who cares about your car and life and wasted hours commuting back and forth? Egypt’s government sure as hell doesn’t!



4. Garbage on a bridge? No no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Just swerve left to avoid, while possibly hitting the car next to you as you did not expect a heaping pile of trash to be on one of Egypt’s most used bridges in Mohandeseen.



5. And lastly, for the love of all that is holy in this country, the below image is just one of many that we, your citizens must sit through and encounter on a daily basis. It really cannot be that hard for lanes, sidewalks, direction signs and even traffic officers to be deployed to problem areas in order for life to continue without having to sit in traffic for three to four hours every day, going to meetings and back home.