#فاعل_خير: Someone Is Anonymously Spreading Random Acts Of Kindness Around Cairo

557db69a33573An act of kindness is something that touches everyone’s heart, but we are seeing even more rarely these days. However, we’ve been seeing random acts of kindness all over Cairo by someone using the hashtag #فاعل_خير and it makes us really happy.

So far, we’ve come across benches, ramps, clothes for whoever is in need and even books! And what is this person asking for in return? Absolutely nothing and that is the beauty of it. They aren’t even trying to promote a certain charity, but just seeking to truly help whoever is in need.

Let’s hope this act of kindness spreads and we all add our touch and help in whatever way we can. With Ramadan around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spread love and look out for each other for a change. Thank you #فاعل_خير for restoring our faith in humanity.















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