Switch Up Your Eid: Unleash Fun with These Unique Activities Across The Region

Having a vacation or break even for just a couple of days is the perfect restart button to get back to work in a more productive mode. That’s why making the most out of the upcoming Eid break is important.

To really unwind and restart, it’s all about having fun, and these are our top picks of unconventional activities you can do this Eid across the region:

Get Gaming At Cairo’s The Bunker

Set within a dark space lit by the glow of neon lights is the Bunker, Cairo’s latest arcade hot spot at Golden Square Mall. This isn’t your typical bunker; it’s a space to escape reality and get a major rush of adrenaline.

Their games are unlike any other arcade; from axe throwing to remote-controlled toy car racing, they’re bringing something fresh to Cairo’s entertainment world.

Whiz Through Dubai’s Real-Life Mario Kart Experience

Remember when we were little and we’d play with a pixelated little Mario, swishing through the road, trying to win first place? Well, now, you can relive that experience but in real life. You and your friends can now race around Rainbow Road at Chaos Karts in Dubai’s Al Quoz. You get the whole experience, from power-ups to obstacles. So get your friends and relive that nostalgia.

Tickets are AED 140 per person and are available at Chaos Karts official page.

Attend the Saudi Super Cup in Abu Dhabi

Soccer fans are going to love this one as Al Ittihad, Al Nassr, Al Hilal, and Al Wehda are going to be battling it out on the pitch at the Saudi Super Cup this April.

By attending this match, you’ll get to watch icons like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema tackling and scoring goals in a live match. The matches will be from April 8 to 11 across different locations in Abu Dhabi.

For tickets, you can head to DCT Abu Dhabi‘s official page.

Beat The Bars at Riyadh’s Prison Island

If you like a challenge and a fun way to spend time with friends, Riyadh’s Prison Island is the place to go. Located inside the Park Avenue Mall’s indoor adventure space are 35 closed cells that you need to solve to escape and win the game. You’ll be split into teams of 2 to 6 and have to tap into your mental prowess to navigate through each room.

Their packages start from SAR 299 for 15 people for 2 hours of gameplay. You can get your tickets through Prison Island‘s official page

Splash Your Way Through Agadir’s Atlantica Parc

With the weather getting hotter as we approach summer, we think you should make the most of the upcoming sunny days by hitting up Morocco’s Atlantica Parc. With massive multicolored slides and aqua loops, the park is the perfect way to splash into the summer season.

You can find out more about the park and its prices by heading to their official page.

From an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience at the Bunker to a fun splash through Atlantica Parc, we have a feeling you’ll get that much-needed break you’ve been craving this Eid.

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