Gap Features a Hijabi Model in Their Summer 2017 Campaign

To launch our new summer collection, we set out exploring, from coast to coast. Along the way we met truly amazing people (like you). Brave and loving, funny and powerful, complex and strong. You are Gap. And this is our portrait of an American summer. #IAmGap

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Clothing giants Gap launched their new summer collection this week with a video campaign that features Americans from all across the country.


I am curious, passionate. A hard worker and a dreamer. I am kind-hearted — and all about my friends and family. I am Hybutalla. #IAmGap

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One of those Americans happenned to be hijabi, and we couldn’t be more excited. Yes, we totally understand that news like this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but they should be. Muslims — especially hijabis — need to be included in such things to the point where they get normalized. This needs to happen so Islamophobia stops existing.


Gap has long been dedicated to diversity. On the brand’s website, they stated: “Diversity unlocks our innovation, helps attract and retain talent, and builds connections with our customers.”


I am a swimmer, a mama’s girl, and fluent in emoji. A friend, and family-oriented. I’m kind-hearted and hard-working. I am Hybutalla. #IAmGap

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While there is no doubt that there’s a lack of diversity in the fashion industry, things are slowly beginning to change. Gap joins other companies like CokeMicrosoft and H&M who are acknowledging Muslim women in hijab and showing their audience that the hijab is beautiful, and it is here to stay.



WE SAID THIS: Well done, Gap.


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