Acing Hijabi Style: 7 Brands That Will Up Your Wardrobe Game

By Yara Osama

Taking the decision to put on hijabi is not easy for a lot of girls, maybe because some of them feel that they are not going to find suitable clothes to wear. All of us know that to actually find hijabi clothes is not easy at all. So, some small businesses on Instagram granted all of us, hijabi women, easier ways to find what they want without spending days at malls searching for suitable clothes. For me as a hijabi girl, I struggle a lot from walking all over the malls to find just a blouse that suits my hijab or a skirt that fits the length I desire. But guess what, I haven’t bought any blouse, dress, skirt, or even scarf from malls as I started to use online pages, mainly the ones on Instagram to get whatever I want.

There are a few hijabi pages on Instagram that are very helpful, as they offer different sizes, even some of them customize dresses and skirts by order. So scroll down to have a look!


This page offers incredible hijabi clothes, such as skirts, cardigans, dresses, and blouses. Their summer collections are unbelievable with its natural touch added to it, as patterns of flowers and tree leaves.


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The Red Paisley Set❣️ . . Styled by @samarelbeisy

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Caj sells sets of clothes for hijabi women, with very bright colors, mixing bold colors together and adding marble to their sets which differentiate it from other pages. They also have cardigans that have really catchy and bright, personally I love their collections. 


It’s a page that is owned by Esraa Taha. If you wonder where to find unique dresses or Abayas, this page is one of the best stores to find what you want in. I personally see that it is not only about young ladies’ hijabi wear, but it is also incredible for hijabi’s moms. Dresses on the page mainly have dark colors like black, brown, and olive, which make models who were them look more elegant.  

Omasha designs 

Omasha (means fabric) offers mainly dresses and long sleeve blouses. The brand uses different colors, actually all the rainbow colors which are very bright. And for those who love crazy colors like Neon, this page is what you are searching for. 

Haya designs 

A brand created by the Egyptian designer Dina El- Adawy. Her dresses are somehow Arabian inspired. It’s known that Dina loves to mix colors, and as we all know how hard it is to find cool colors for the long sleeve blouses or cardigans at the stores. Personally, I have ordered a dress from this page once and I loved it. Also the brand designs very cool clothes for Ramadan nights. 

Velvet designs 

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Beautiful @saharfoad shining in those Summer shades 💛💕

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Velvet’s designs are mainly about layers. I spent a lot of time struggling from wearing a lot of layers, in order for a blouse not to be short. But this brand solved this issue! They design their chemises in a way that is attached to a blouse in order not to be too short. 

Fleuri Egypt 

Fleuri was initially founded in 2017 to mainly sell hijabi wear. They offer different designs, blouses with short and big sleeves depends on your preference. And regarding the colors, they use very simple and quite colors at affordable prices. 

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