A Scoop of Hope: Egypt Shows Solidarity With its African Brothers in the Most Generous Way Amid COVID-19

By Yara Osama

As we all have witnessed how the pandemic has led many countries to suffer economically, it’s very emotional to see how nations continue to help each other during such hard times. It actually gives us hope that regardless of anything we still support and help each other as humans no matter what! And the recent Egyptian generous contribution showed the world how it’s done.

As a way to continue solidifying its position as an African leader, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday in a statement that Egypt contributed four million dollars worth of medical aid to 30 African countries as a way to help to contain COVID-19. The first batch of aid has been sent to 10 African countries, while the rest 20 African countries will receive the second batch of medical aid throughout the upcoming days. 

A number of the African countries’ ambassadors were welcomed at Cairo’s International Airport by the Egyptian Ambassador, Soha Gendy, assistant Minister of Foreign Affair, by which they expressed their gratitude for such a generous contribution. 

On the other hand, the Iraqi ambassador in Cairo and Iraqi permanent representative to the Arab League Dr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi announced that the Iraqi government also received 14 tons of medical aid from the Egyptian government to help fight COVID-19.

WE SAID THIS: What a generous gesture!

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