Why is the New Madinaty Ramadan 2020 Ad Causing So Much Controversy?

As soon as the Madinaty Ramadan TV commercial was broadcast this year, we couldn’t keep up with the comments, memes and videos that mocked the ad all over social media, with viewers accusing it of being a 3-minute wealth-flaunting video.

The ad basically features Madinaty community members, each stating a “fact” about the compound. Viewers thought the most frustrating element in the entire ad was the people’s quotes, where one said, “All the people here are like each other”, while another said, “here we understand the meaning of privacy…we don’t need to get out of Madinaty often…even the cinema here is better”, among others.

People also accused the ad of classicism and discrimination towards the rest of the Egyptian population. Although the majority of the comments received on the ad were negative, there were people who defended the ad, saying that it’s a fact that Madinaty isn’t affordable and that some viewers were just being dramatic.

This is the second time Madinaty’s Ramadan ad receives so much backlash. Last year, the Syrian superstar Assala sang the ad’s song, and people made hundreds of memes, ridiculing the idea of the ad and the exaggerated way it was sung.

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