First-Ever Ramadan Street Lights Illuminate Germany’s Frankfurt

Last Ramadan marked the first time that a European city illuminated its streets in celebration of the holy month, as London’s Piccadilly Circus was lit with festive Ramadan lights.

This year, once again, another European city is taking on the festivities. For the first time, the German city of Frankfurt was aglow with festive Ramadan lights.

Across a pedestrianized street lined with restaurants and cafes hung a series of brightly lit crescent moons, stars, and twinkling lights. At the entrance of the street was a large sign reading “Happy Ramadan,” which was unveiled last night.

This didn’t just symbolize a celebration of the holy month; it also symbolized hope amidst the ongoing crisis and genocide.

Mayor Nargess Eskandari-Gruenberg dove more into that symbolism, “In times of crises and wars, this lighting is a sign of hope for all people and strengthens cohesion in our diverse urban society.” 

Frankfurt wasn’t the only German city that got the festive Ramadan treatment. For the first time, the German city of Cologne also put on Ramadan street decorations. Every year, seeing Ramadan celebrated in new ways across the globe is a refreshing reminder of the holy month’s unifying power.

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