Egyptian-American Ramy Youssef Is On A Roll: From Oscar Gaza Solidarity To SNL Debut

Egyptian-American star Ramy Youssef always knows how to keep us on our toes. From playing a young hip Muslim practicing character on ‘Ramy’ to starring in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Poor Things,’ today, he continues his streak by arriving at the Oscars with an Artists4Ceasefire red pin strapped to his jacket.

At the 96th Academy Awards, Youssef took the mic on the red carpet to deliver an important message: “We are calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We are calling for peace and justice, lasting justice for the people of Palestine. I think it is a universal message of just let’s stop killing kids.”

He wasn’t holding back on the red carpet. He even went on to mention how the US President called for a ceasefire in his State of the Union, as well as the Vice President, and so he posed the question, “If the leadership thinks this is supposed to happen, why has it not happened?”

Along with the Oscars, Youssef is currently promoting his new comedy special, ‘Ramy Youssef: More Feelings,’ which will premiere on March 23. It’ll explore topics like the 2024 presidential elections and the importance of prayer.

We’ll also be seeing a lot of the star during an upcoming SNL show. For the first time ever, on March 30, Youssef is going to be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Travis Scott as the night’s musical act.

So, overall, March is a pretty big month for Youssef, and we cannot wait to see what else he has in store.

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