This Evening Dresses Garage Sale in Zamalek Is Your Chance to Glam up This Festive Season

Courtesy of LoveByN


Two of Egypt’s fashion mavens, Nour Aboulela and Ines Gohar, are giving us the chance to buy barely-worn evening dresses for cheap this Wednesday, and we absolutely love the idea.


It will mean a choice of over a thousand dresses of all sizes, all brands and all styles available all day at Sane in Zamalek – and there should be things for everyone…


It’s as cheap as you can get for dresses of that calibre, and they’ve been carefully picked by the pros themselves.



So many girls gave away those dresses that you wear once and don’t want to see ever again. Whether it’s because a) that picture of you wearing it broke the Internet so there’s no way you can be seen in it again, 2) your annoying cousin got the same exact one, or 3) it’s so last season.


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In all honesty though, we don’t care what the reason is! All we know is that we’re all for recycling, and with the textile industry being the second most polluting one in the world, it’s time to pause and give another life to your clothes.



WE SAID THIS: See you tonight.

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