The Top 21 Scoops of 2015


It’s that time of year when we look back at the Empire’s most popular articles — the viral posts that took Egyptian, Emirati and Middle Eastern social media by storm.

Ramadan TV was a huge trending topic in 2015, while the timeless subjects of nostalgia, relationships and Arab identity remained as buzzworthy as ever.

Take a look at the articles that made waves, instigated conversations and flooded your newsfeeds this year:



21. “10 Reasons Why Geminis Are Irresistible” by Laura Logan


“Possibly the most notorious and commonly disliked sign in the zodiac, Gemini knows what it’s like to be misunderstood. Gemini’s greatest gift? Empathy and a desire to help.”



20. “7 Arab Women Tell Us Why They Cheated” by Scoop Team


“My parents convinced me that I was too old and my chances of finding love were none, so I married a decent guy I met through family friends. I thought I needed to grow up and stop dreaming. I chose security and having kids over love. Around three years later, the lack of love was numbing me, and I met someone online. It only started as flirting, sharing photos and laughs, then we met a couple of times. It escalated and wasn’t just words anymore, it became real, so I freaked out and we never talked again. I’m still unhappily married.”



19. “10 Questions Everyone Is Asking Themselves in Sahel” by Scoop Team


“You’re lost at the roundabout at the end of Cairo-Alex road, have no idea which way is Borg El Arab and wondering why the hell the government waited until summer to start working on El Alamein Road?!”



18. “15 Egyptian Avwara Moments That Happened This Ramadan” by Dina Hashish


“When love won in the United States, all hell broke loose in Egypt. Why? Because we can. Note that America is 10975.88 kilometers away.”



17. “5 Times Hania from ‘Ta7t El Saytara’ Terrified My Grandmother” by Dina Hashish


“When Hania skips school and goes to what I assume is Ain Sokhna, gets drunk, smokes weed, steals Ali’s drugs and still manages to return home unnoticed. Pro.”



16. “Drop Everything Because We Need to Talk About ‘Ta7t El Saytara’ Star Dhafer L’Abidine” by Scoop Team


“Couldn’t you find an actor who is uglier or hairier, one who doesn’t have a to-die-for smile, someone who is already going bald? You just had to throw Dhafer in our faces as the perfect husband who is willing to understand his wife’s struggle with drug addiction. This is the cruelest thing to hit our TV since Ramez Galal.”



15. “32 Moments in 2015 That Proved El Avwara Is a Part of Every Egyptian” by Dina Hashish


“Suez Canal celebrations taken a bit too far.”



14. “WATCH: #ThisIsEgypt Video Will Make You Fall in Love With Egypt All Over Again” by Aprille Muscara



“We’ve seen several videos come out over the last few years celebrating the country’s breathtaking beauty, from its bustling streets to its world-renowned landmarks, encouraging travelers to ‘Come in Egypt’ and locals to discover the hidden gems of their homeland. But we can safely say that the official #ThisIsEgypt video is the definitive Egypt travel clip for our generation.”



13. “48 Childhood Memories of Egypt That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic” by Nada Kabil



“When talking to strangers online was normal.”



12. “18 Signs You Are Causing an Egyptian Fedi7a” by Dina Hashish



“‘Enty 3yza elnas te2oul eh?’ said every single Egyptian mom.”



11. “Ramadan 2015: Where to Have Iftar With a Stunning View in Cairo” by Nada Kabil


azhar park

“Going out for iftar is usually a nightmare, but what if you could escape the crowded enclosed gatherings and experience Ramadan with a stunning view? Isn’t that worth leaving your mother’s heavenly cooking?”



10. “15 Signs You’re an Arab Living Abroad” by Mirna Soliman


“You start realizing how good you had it living in the Middle East as you’re carrying seven large bags of groceries to your house.”



9. “9 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Divorced Woman” by Dina Hashish


“Girls find bad boys exceptionally alluring, but a divorced woman knows that a good boy has more to offer than flirting and mind games that lead you on an emotional roller coaster. This is dazzling news in a world where good boys never stood a chance.”



8. “12 Signs You Have an Egyptian Mom” by Dina Hashish


“She wakes you up just to ask if you are awake.”



7. “13 Things That Egyptians Were the First to Create” by Laura Logan



“Ancient Egyptians originally used a calendar year of 360 days, split into 12 months of 30 days each. It wasn’t until around 4000 BCE that they added an extra five days to keep up with the solar calendar, for a total of 365 days. Then in 238 BCE, Egyptians invented the leap year. The 365-day calendar, including the leap year, is still in use in most parts of the world today.”



6. “16 Things Girls Must Do Before Getting Married” by Dina Hashish


“Finish your Master’s or just take fun courses. Broaden your capabilities and brighten your mind. If you hate the sight of books, just go for pole dance classes.”



5. Bassem Youssef Tells America to F*ck Off on ‘The Daily Show’ by Aprille Muscara


“Bassem Youssef appeared as a guest on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and gave some hilarious suggestions about what the United States could do to help conditions in the Middle East.”



4. “19 Life Lessons We Learned From Ramadan TV This Year” by Dina Hashish


“There is something edible called ‘Eskinshayzer’.”



3. “47 Childhood Memories of Dubai That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic” by Nada Kabil



“When cops rolled in fancy cars even back then.”



2. “Don’t Date a Successful Arab Woman” by Samar Marwan



“There’s nothing that scares an Arab man more than a successful Arab woman who doesn’t have to depend on him.”



1. “20 Things No One Tells You About Moving to Dubai” by Chereen Zaki



“Always be prepared to be shocked, awed, surprised and confused. This city is ever changing. You may find a new building that didn’t exist a month ago, or find that the highway is being elevated as you drive on it. Dubai is full of surprises, and it is one hell of a ride.”



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