Don’t Date A Successful Arab Woman

Amal Clooney (Giampiero Sposito)

My mentor once told me there’s nothing that scares an Arab man more than a successful Arab woman who doesn’t have to depend on him. Since becoming said woman, I’ve come to learn that she was right. I’ve also realized you probably shouldn’t date a successful Arab woman.

You shouldn’t date a successful Arab woman because she’s unique, in the sense that she’s genuinely an independent, functioning human being. You shouldn’t date her because she won’t let your pride and jealousy stop her from doing what she does best.

Don’t date a successful Arab woman because she’s selective, since she knows from experience that she gets what she wants regardless of what it is.


She’s not over analyzing your text, she’s over analyzing annual reports. She doesn’t get nervous about dates, she gets nervous before interviews. She’s not thinking of ways she can please you, she’s thinking of ways to better the world.

She’s self-aware, not insecure; she’s emotionally and mentally mature. She knows how and when to be selfish, and when it’s worth being selfless.

The Arab woman has always been extremely driven, doing whatever it takes to achieve her goals. This strong ambition doesn’t come as a surprise considering our lineage stems from a deep ancestral background of hardship and strong spirit. So over the years, those goals have evolved and so have the women.

While getting married and becoming a mother has not been erased from these goals completely, it has been pushed down in the list of priorities. Heck, it might not even be on the to-do list at all, but that’s totally OK!

The successful Arab woman wakes up every morning, sips on some hater tears right before executing some massive deals. You can always spot her walking down the street – head held high, holding her own with fierce grace.

She checks out the markets because she’s strategic and reads up on current events because she’s a well of knowledge. She still finds time to keep up with her interpersonal relationships, yet doesn’t mind working overtime to build new professional ones.

She’s 10 steps ahead of the game. Her regrets and mistakes don’t pull her down, they only jolt her forward on her path of success.

She isn’t afraid to make sacrifices to get what she wants. She will drop everything to chase her dreams. You see, the thing about successful Arab women is that they will do any and everything in and out of their hands to not just achieve success, but push themselves further and exceed their own expectations. They busted their ass to get to where they are and they’re not giving that up for anyone.

Successful Arab women got to where they are today because they truly uphold the value of education, integrity and discipline. They’re the first ones in the office and last ones to leave. They woke up at the crack of dawn to run five miles, not to impress you, but to look good for themselves.

A successful Arab woman isn’t tripping off your opinion because she never asked for it. The only validation she cares for comes from within.

She’s a woman, after all, not a little girl. Constantly checking on her whereabouts and making jealous accusations are the red flags you give her, indicating it’s time for her to walk away.

Successful Arab women are not phased by who posted what on Instagram. Nor do they care about who was hanging out with who. She literally has no time for that type of petty bullshit. She’s busy, like really, really busy!

She’s busy writing her Master’s thesis, she’s busy negotiating deals, she’s busy catching flights, not feelings. She’s just too busy for inconsistency, inconveniences and uncertainty. She’s too busy for dating drama and childish games. She’s too busy for all of that because she’s looking at the big picture and that big picture is a fabulous selfie of her… on vacation.

Don’t date a successful Arab woman unless you can handle it. Don’t date a successful Arab woman unless you view her as your complete equal in every aspect, academically, financially, politically, etc.

Don’t date a successful Arab woman unless you feel that her success is your motivation.



WE SAID THIS: Here’s to strong women everywhere. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.